The FinTech Innovation Hub at the University of Delaware's STAR Campus

FinTech Innovation Hub

The FinTech Innovation Hub on the University of Delaware’s Science, Technology and Advanced Research (STAR) Campus is a nexus for high-quality education, groundbreaking research and workforce development in the exciting field of financial technology. It serves as a national center of excellence that leverages the region’s expertise and assets to address broad challenges in financial health. 

Created through a partnership with Delaware Technology Park and Discover Bank, and with state and federal funding, the FinTech Innovation Hub brings together unique strengths and resources to create the tools to help individuals and families build wealth and fair access to credit, to support entrepreneurs and to continue growing the robust financial-services sector and small business community. UD students benefit through experiential learning, research and engagement opportunities, preparing them to lead and succeed in this high-demand industry. 


The FinTech Innovation Hub also plays a key role in economic development in Delaware. Since the 1980s, Delaware has been a global leader in banking and financial services, which account for 9% of the state’s jobs. The Hub’s assets and its prime location in the mid-Atlantic technology corridor help Delaware secure and expand its central role in these sectors, while also attracting greater investment from out-of-state firms.

FinTech at the University of Delaware

“The FinTech Innovation Hub adds another gem to UD’s STAR Campus, where collaborative hubs in health and life sciences already are thriving and strengthening the economy of the whole region. The research and innovation at this new hub will expand Delaware’s legacy of national leadership in financial services, drawing on UD’s top-shelf expertise in finance and technology. It also opens new space for education, giving our students access to a highly collaborative ecosystem and preparing them for great jobs and future success. And it puts UD and the state at the forefront of promoting equity in financial services and health — two serious problems facing our world.” — UD President Dennis Assanis



Meet the Co-Directors 


The University of Delaware has two new co-directors for its financial technology work at the new FinTech Innovation Hub on UD’s Science Technology and Advanced Research (STAR) Campus. Rudolf Eigenmann, distinguished professor of electrical and computer engineering in the College of Engineering, will oversee research. Carlos Asarta, professor of economics in the Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics, will oversee education and outreach.


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FinTech and Financial Institutions Research Conference

The inaugural conference has concluded. The insightful findings and analyses shared by industry experts at the conference are accessible below. 


The conference was a forum for presenting and sharing current research on the connectivity between fintech organizations and the greater financial services system. The conference focused on enhancing understanding of the economic consequences and impacts, as well as the regulatory implications of the growing fintech sector.


This event was jointly planned and sponsored by the University of Delaware and the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia.


The conference fostered and facilitated meaningful academic discussions among leading researchers and policymakers in this rapidly evolving field. These conversations shaped the understanding of how business decisions, policy choices, and societal events influence economic outcomes correlated with fintech growth.


The Fintech Innovation Hub at the University of Delaware STAR Campus remains committed to building a diverse, equitable, and inclusive innovation community that prioritizes financial health across the nation. The collaborative activities of the Fintech Innovation Hub will improve society through its research, education, and workforce training leading to employment, community engagement, and economic impact.




                     Session 1: Chair - Jack Bao

Algorithmic Underwriting in High Risk Mortgage Markets by Janet Gao, Hanyi Livia Yi and David Zhang *Best Paper Award Recipients*

                     Discussant: Matthew C. Plosser


Mobile Internet, Digital Collateral, and Banking by Angelo D’Andrea, Patrick Hitayezu, Roland K Kpodar, Nicola Limodio, and Andrea Presbitero                                  Discussant: Apoorv Gupta


                       Session 2: Chair - Daniel Sanches

A Theory of Speculation in Community Assets by Kevin Mei and Michael Sockin

                       Discussant: Ariel Zetlin-Jones


Reaching for Yield in Decentralized Financial Markets by Patrick Augustin, Roy Chen-Zhang, and Donghwa Shin

                       Discussant: Shimon Kogan


                       Keynote: Manju Puri


                     Session 3: Chair - Phil Strahan

Old Program, New Banks: Online Banks in Small Business Lending by Elizabeth Bickmore, Andrew MacKinlay, and Yessenia Tellez

                    Discussant: John Hackney


Bank Branch Density and Bank Runs by Efraim Benmelech, Jun Yang, and Michal Zator

                     Discussant: Jinyuan Zhang


Session 4: Chair - David Yermack

Digital Veblen Goods by Sebeom Oh, Samuel Rosen, and Anthony Zhang

                     Discussant: Joseph Abadi


Artificial Intelligence and Customer Acquisition in Retail Financial Services: Experimental Evidence from Insurance Distribution by Xing Liu                                      Discussant: Lindsey Raymond


  • Michael Gelman, University of Delaware
  • Paul Laux, University of Delaware
  • Vitaly Meursault, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

Program Committee

  • Joseph Abadi, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
  • Jack Bao, University of Delaware
  • Isil Erel, The Ohio State University
  • Xiao Fang, University of Delaware
  • Laura Field, University of Delaware
  • Paul Goldsmith-Pinkham, Yale University
  • Itay Goldstein, University of Pennsylvania
  • Deeksha Gupta, Johns Hopkins University
  • Wenli Li, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
  • Marina Niessner, Indiana University
  • Raluca Roman, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
  • Alberto Rossi, Georgetown University
  • Philip Strahan, Boston College
  • James Vickery, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
  • Gloria Yang Yu, Singapore Management University
Headshot of Professor Manju Puri.



We are pleased to announce that our keynote speaker will be Manju Puri, J. B. Fuqua Professor of Finance at the Fuqua School of Business, Duke University.

Professor Puri has expertise in the field of empirical corporate finance and, in particular, financial intermediation. Her published work spans the areas of commercial banks, investment banks, venture capital, entrepreneurship, behavioral finance, and FinTech. Her research has appeared in publications such as American Economic Review, Journal of Finance, Journal of Financial Economics, and Review of Financial Studies. She has been the recipient of the Sloan Research Fellowship as well as multiple awards from the National Science Foundation. Her publication record includes over 30 refereed papers in the top finance and economic journals. Her research has won many awards including four best paper awards at the FMA Annual Meetings, two Western Finance Association best paper awards, an All-Star award from Journal of Financial Economics, the Brennan best paper award at the Review of Financial Studies, and three Fama-DFA /Jenson best paper awards in the Journal of Financial Economics.

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Lunch & Learn Series

Bi-weekly on Wednesdays. Lunch will be provided.

Up Next:  DelawareBio (Michael Fleming), Health Risk Analytics (Prof. Jiaheng Xie) and FinTech's Exponential Impact Potential with Special Student Groups (Prof. Amanda Bullough)

When: May 22, 2024, 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Venue: 301 Innovation Gallery, FinTech Innovation Hub591 Collaboration Way, Newark, DE 19713

The FinTech Lunch & Learn events bring together the UD community with corporate occupants of the FinTech Innovation Hub facility and fintech stakeholders in the greater Delaware region. During the events, we will discuss issues and collaborative opportunities in financial technology and its applications aiming to advance financial services and to address related societal problems. The FinTech Lunch & Learn series will be occur bi-weekly on Wednesdays for eight weeks.


Keep an eye out for impromptu events this summer.


May 8, 2024: DelTechpark/Growthstage (Pedro Moore), Creating Fintech Startups (Andrew Novocin)

April 10, 2024: CollegeAve (Joe DePaulo) and UD Center for Economic Education and Entrepreneurship, CEEE (Carlos Asarta)

Mar. 13, 2024: Tech Impact and Impact of Technologies (Prof. Gang Wang)

Feb. 28, 2024: The Kendal Corporation and UD Center for Cybersecurity, Assurance and Privacy

Feb. 14, 2024: Using the FinTech Innovation Hub to advance financial technology and wellness in Delaware.

Suggestions for event presentations and discussions are welcome. Please contact Rudi Eigenmann,

To receive updates on the FinTech Lunch & Learn events, please join the mailing list by contacting



Train station renamed for Sen. Carper

Thomas R. Carper Train Station will continue to connect STAR Campus to cities along the East Coast

Focused on the future

UD marks milestone with SABRE Center groundbreaking

Type 2 Diabetes Prevention Program

Prevent Type 2 Diabetes with the UD Prevent T2 Program

Innovation in action

STAR Campus shines during Association of University Research Park members’ visit



Located on the University of Delaware’s Science, Technology and Advanced Research (STAR) Campus, the FinTech Innovation Hub enables ground-breaking research and cross-disciplinary collaborations. It provides space, resources and technical assistance to early-stage financial and business software entrepreneurs and startup companies.


Aeriel photo of University of Delaware's STAR Campus

Spaces for startups to develop and grow, managed by Delaware Technology Park, with onsite access to business development resources and technical assistance

Interior of the FinTech Innovation Hub

Labs and centers associated within UD’s College of Engineering and Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics focused on financial analytics and literacy, cybersecurity, human-machine learning and data analysis

Presenter explains research at a data sciences conference

The Data Innovation Lab, a division of Tech Impact, which will convene policymakers, entrepreneurs, corporate innovators and community advocates, including through a year-long, full-time fellowship program

Tenant Organizations


Facilitates teams of AI partners within and outside UD to collaboratively apply technological solutions and create impactful and beneficial AI projects.

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One-on-one hoteling space for career advisors and community outreach professionals to facilitate conversations among students, business leaders, entrepreneurs, research scientists and engineers, yielding a team-based mentoring approach that is a critical component of workforce development and community engagement.

Advances the research frontiers and the underlying infrastructure at the nexus of computational and data science, enabled by high-performance computing and big data. 

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Provides more than 2,000 teachers annually with high quality, grade-appropriate professional development and peer-networking opportunities to empower them to deliver the practical skills students need to graduate as economically literate and flourishing citizens.

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Explores programming models and their usage to parallelize and accelerate scientific applications on large scale supercomputers.

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Empowers aspiring innovators as they pursue new ideas for a better world. Committed to supporting student success and cultivating a lifelong community of collaboration, connections and impact through venture development, and academic programs, certificates and the Innovation Fellows program.

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Facilitates the economic impact of UD’s research commercialization for the benefit of the public and the state. The Office includes the Technology Transfer Office (TTO), the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) and the APEX Accelerator Delaware.

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Advancing financial health and wellness for low- to moderate-income populations and other underserved communities by supporting and scaling real-world technology solutions.

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Serves diverse life-science sectors with the goal of expanding the state’s vibrant science-based economy. Delaware Bio’s 130-plus member companies and organizations represent 8,000 innovation-based jobs vital to Delaware’s economic future.

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The largest consumer-only bank in the U.S. and a leading fintech employer in Delaware, Discover Bank has established a $36 million venture fund and has deployed $40 million in Community Reinvestment Act funds to develop the FinTech Innovation Hub.

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The first healthcare analytics company to deliver multi-dimensional and patient performance data and comparative efficacy metrics to optimize the continuum of care.

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A leading national not-for-profit organization of communities, programs and services that advocate for and empower older adults to achieve their full potential with a focus on financial literacy, equity and digital security. Kendal has located its national HQ to STAR Campus and has a university-collaboration model that drives innovation.

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A team of professionals that innovates in global supply chain functions and risk, and developers that build innovative, high-performance applications.

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A non-profit organization that leverages technology to advance social impact, partnering with hundreds of non-profit organizations around the world to realize the potential of technology to achieve their mission and improve outcomes.

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A craft bar and kitchen, founded by UD alumni, with numerous locations offering unique settings and ambiance. 

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