Undergraduate Programs

Plant and Soil Sciences for undergrads

Our department focuses on all aspects of plant and soil science, from the molecular to global, wilderness to urban environments, scientific to social concerns, and field and laboratory settings. We apply chemical, biological, and physical principles to ensure adequate food supplies and a safe, aesthetically pleasing and sustainable environment. We have a student-to-faculty ratio of less than four-to-one, providing excellent research and internship opportunities for hands-on learning experiences. We know all of our students very well through our classes, advising, and research projects. Our academic environment is highly conducive to learning, with well-equipped laboratories, an extensive botanic garden, state-of-the-art greenhouses, computer facilities, and areas for studying and socializing. We have affiliations with individuals at major nearby institutions and companies that also provide unique opportunities for learning. Recent graduates from our department are in a broad spectrum of careers including positions as landscape architects and designers, laboratory technicians, soil scientists, graduate and post-graduate research scientists, park rangers, golf course superintendents, estate managers, faculty at other universities, greenhouse and nursery production specialists, and agronomists.

Plant and Soil Sciences majors

Other programs

  • Minor: Environmental Soil Science
  • Minor: Landscape Horticulture

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Paula Annesi, undergraduate recruiter