Our Faculty & Staff


Below you will find information about how to contact our department faculty members and administrative staff.

Our faculty members are well recognized for research and their scholarly work, including three named chairs and numerous scientific society fellows. 

Our faculty members are well recognized for research and their scholarly work, including three named chairs and numerous scientific society fellows. 


  • Zach Hammaker, landscape designer, ZH Design
  • Nicholas Jabs, landscape designer, Port Urbanism
  • Rodney Robinson, president, Robinson Anderson Summers, Inc. and principal,  Rodney Robinson Landscape Architects, Inc.
  • Stephen Streatfield, director R&D, Fraunhofer USA Center for Molecular Biology
  • Gregory Binford, National Director of Advanced Agronomic Training, Wilbur-Ellis
  • Anthony Buda, USDA-ARS Pasture Systems and Watershed Management Research Unit
  • Nicole Fiorellino, Extension Agronomis, University of Maryland
  • Mingxin Guo, Professor, Delaware State University
  • Jinjun Kan, Stroud Water Research Center
  • Blake Meyers, Donald Danforth Plant Science Center
  • Diana Oviedo Vargas, Stroud Water Research Center
  • Marc Peipoch, Assistant Research Scientist, Stroud Water Research Center
  • Richard Pouyat, National Program Leader for Air and Soil Quality Research, U.S. Forest Service
  • Hajime Sakai, CEO, NAPIGEN, Inc.
  • Matthew Taylor, Director, Research and Conservation, Longwood Gardens
  • Brian Trader, Deputy Executive Director, Delaware Botanic Gardens
  • Byung-Chun Yoo, Delaware Biotechnology Institute
  • Peter Zale, Associate Director, Conservation, Plant Breeding and Collections, Longwood Gardens
  • Robert Carroll, emeritus professor
  • Charles Dunham, emeritus professor
  • David Frey, associate professor
  • Hugh Frick, emeritus professor
  • James Hawk, emeritus professor
  • Sherry Kitto, professor
  • Robert Lyons, emeritus professor
  • Allen Morehart, emeritus professor
  • Wallace Pill, emeritus professor
  • Thompson Pizzolato, professor
  • J. Thomas Sims, professor and deputy dean
  • James Swasey, emeritus professor
Name (click the name for further information): Title: Phone: Email:
Monica Accerbi Research Associate III / Green Lab (302) 831-4642 accerbi@dbi.udel.edu
Andrew Adams Horticulture Manager (302) 831-0909 aadamsud@udel.edu
William (Bill) Bartz Greenhouse Manager (302) 831-3574 wcbartz@udel.edu
Valann Budischak Extension Agent II (302) 831-4188 valannb@udel.edu
Tim Chaya Limited Term Researcher / Caplan Lab (302)831-0854 tchaya@udel.edu
Jacob Dums Post Doctoral Researcher / Wommack Lab (302) 831-1353 jdums@udel.edu
TBD Program Coordinator, Cooperative Extension (302) 735-8137 @udel.edu
Emmalea Ernest Associate Scientist (302) 856-7303 emmalea@udel.edu
Barbra Ferrell Research Associate / Wommack Lab (302) 831-0148 ferrellb@udel.edu
Matthew Fischel Post Doctoral Researcher / D. Sparks Lab (302) 831-8435 fischel@udel.edu
Karen Gartley Research Manager / Program Director, UD Soil Testing Program (302) 831-1385 kgartley@udel.edu
Katelyn Gray Post Doctoral Researcher / Jaisi Lab 302) 831-4749 graykat@udel.edu
Victor Green Associate Scientist (302) 856-7303 vmgreen@udel.edu
Nancy Gregory Plant Diagnostician (302) 831-1390 ngregory@udel.edu
Kun Huang Research Associate / Caplan Lab (302) 831-0854 huangkun@udel.edu
Robert Isett Limited Term Researcher / Wisser Lab (302) 831-3452 iisett@udel.edu
Chin Chen Kuo Lab Coordinator I / Advanced Materials Characterization Lab (302) 831-0535 cckuo@udel.edu
Zach Ladin Post Doctoral Researcher (302) 831-2526 zach@udel.edu
Chander Lekha Analytical Chemist / Soil Testing Program (302) 831-8407 chander@udel.edu
Matthew Limmer Post Doctoral Researcher / Seyfferth Lab (302) 831-6210 limmer@udel.edu
Tracy McMullen Business Administrator II (302) 831-8153 tracymc@udel.edu
Vinay Nagarajan Associate Scientist /  Green Lab (302) 831-3400 nagarajan@dbi.udel.edu
Noah Ouslander Limited Term Researcher / E. Sparks Lab (302) 831-4670  noahous@udel.edu
Joseph Paller Lab Coordinator I / Soil Testing Program (302) 831-8407  jpaller@udel.edu
Maria Pautler Research Associate III / Seyfferth & Shober Labs (302) 831-0847 mpautler@udel.edu
Jon Reneau Limited Term Researcher / E. Sparks Lab (302)-831-1447 jreneau@udel.edu
Sydney Riggi Extension Agent (302) 856-7303 sydney@udel.edu
Gabriel Robles Luna Post Doctoral Researcher / Lee Lab  (302) 831-4671 garobles@udel.edu
Claudio Rubione Limited Term Researcher / VanGessel Lab (302) 856-7303 crubione@udel.edu
Yuriy Sakhno Post Doctoral Researcher / Jaisi Lab (302) 831-4749 ysakhno@udel.edu
Barbara Scott Associate Scientist (302) 856-7303 bascott@udel.edu
Lovreet Shergill Post Doctoral Researcher / VanGessel Lab (302) 856-7303 lovreet@udel.edu
Tonantzin Tarin Terrazas Post Doctoral Researcher / Vargas Lab   ttarin@udel.edu
Shawn Tingle Research Associate II (302) 856-7303 tingle@udel.edu
Minh Thu Tran Post Doctoral Researcher / Lee Lab (302)831-4671 tmt@udel.edu
Teclemariam (Tecle) Weldekidan Scientist / E. Sparks & Wisser Labs (302) 831-1381 tecle@udel.edu
Warren Willey Research Associate I (302) 856-7303 wwilley@udel.edu
Melinda Zoehrer Program Coordinator, Botanic Gardens (302) 831-0153 mzoehrer@udel.edu
Name (click the name for further information): Title: Phone: Email:
Paula Annesi Undergraduate Recruiting/Student Support (302) 831-4768 pannesi@udel.edu
Susan Biddle Academic Support Coordinator (302) 831-2531 sbiddle@udel.edu
Rodney Dempsey Horticultural Greenhouse Supervisor (302) 831-1374 dempsey@udel.edu
Gail Ferry Administrative Assistant II (302) 831-3409 gferry@udel.edu
Diana Mesa Administrative Assistant II (302) 831-2534 dpmesa@udel.edu
Alexandra (Lexie) Samick Administrative Assistant II (302) 831-6378 asamick@udel.edu
Susan Winkelmayer Administrative Assistant (302) 831-6161 swink@udel.edu