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Extraordinary challenges require extraordinary solutions. For 150 years, the daring innovations of our graduates have shaped the world we know today. Now, we carry on that daring spirit, using cutting-edge technology and scientific advances to envision a better tomorrow.

Focused on identifying and addressing future challenges, students and faculty of the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources are mastering research in five areas of unique strength:

  • Climate change impacts, mitigation and adaptation;
  • Human dimensions of food, agriculture and natural resources;
  • Sustainable food systems, landscapes and ecosystems;
  • Genetics and genomics for plant, animal and ecosystem improvement; and
  • One Health intersections among animal, plant, human and ecosystem health.

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University of Delaware tick research aims to understand host specificity of Lyme disease:

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In an age of technology and innovation, the future has never looked more exciting.

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Soil scientist Yan Jin awarded University’s highest faculty honor:

Research News
  • Graduate student Joe Patria applies his molecular biology expertise to combat the viral evolution of Marek’s disease

    July 09, 2024 | Written by Nya Wynn
    Joe Patria, a molecular biology Ph.D. student at UD, unexpectedly pursued poultry research under Professor Mark Parcells, focusing on Marek’s disease virus (MDV). He is exploring the molecular virology of MDV and its evolution to become more virulent over time. His work has implications for both poultry and human health, as the virus causes a lymphoma that is similar to some human lymphomas. Studying the virus in chickens provides unique insights into viral interactions and cancer development, shedding light on potential parallels in human malignancies having a viral origin like Hodgkin’s lymphoma.
  • Unearthing an understudied disease vector in Delaware

    June 27, 2024 | Written by Katie Peikes | Photos by Kathy F. Atkinson
    UD assistant professor and medical entomologist Jennifer K. Peterson will study kissing bugs in Delaware after two insects were found in a New Castle County home.
  • Celebrating excellence in agriculture and natural resources

    May 16, 2024 | Written by Dante LaPenta
    As the spring semester headed into its final stretch run, the University of Delaware College of Agriculture and Natural Resources gathered together to honor a few deserving faculty and staff. At the college’s Celebrating Excellence event, the 2024 stars of the show were Sue Barton, Larry Armstrong, and Kent Messer.
  • U.S. Department of Agriculture Deputy Secretary Xochitl Torres Small sits down with Blue Hen students, tours UD’s Newark Farm and laboratory facilities

    May 13, 2024 | Written by Dante LaPenta
    On her cross-country college tour of our nation’s land-grant universities, U.S. Department of Agriculture Deputy Secretary Xochitl Torres Small toured the University of Delaware College of Agriculture and Natural Resources and sat down with Blue Hen students. UD faculty and staff showed off UD’s 350-acre Newark Farm and laboratory facilities. Torres Small conversed with students about opportunities for young people, what USDA is doing for the next generation of agriculture, and the benefits for people in every sector of agriculture, food, and forestry.

Faculty expert spotlights

Behnam Abasht
Townsend Hall

Prof. Abasht investigates wooden breast, a novel muscle disorder of unknown etiology in commercial broiler chickens.
Michael Crossley
Townsend Hall

Prof. Crossley seeks to develop and refine innovative pest management strategies that benefit growers, the environment and society.

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