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Feeding the world. Protecting the planet.

Extraordinary challenges require extraordinary solutions. For 150 years, the daring innovations of our graduates have shaped the world we know today. Now, we carry on that daring spirit, using cutting-edge technology and scientific advances to envision a better tomorrow.

Focused on identifying and addressing future challenges, students and faculty of the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources are mastering research in five areas of unique strength:

  • Climate change impacts, mitigation and adaptation;
  • Human dimensions of food, agriculture and natural resources;
  • Sustainable food systems, landscapes and ecosystems;
  • Genetics and genomics for plant, animal and ecosystem improvement; and
  • One Health intersections among animal, plant, human and ecosystem health.

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In an age of technology and innovation, the future has never looked more exciting.

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  • Malt barley in Delaware

    Article by Michele Walfred | November 08, 2019

    UD’s research on malt barley a conduit for industry and farmers

  • Military vets

    Article by Dante LaPenta | November 07, 2019

    Blue Hen alumni serve the country in the U.S. Army Veterinary Corps

  • Decoding plant communication

    Article by Karen B. Roberts | October 25, 2019

    UD-led project aims to unlock how plant and pathogens communicate

Faculty expert spotlights

Headshot of Professor Kyle McCarthy
Kyle McCarthy
Townsend Hall

Areas of research include: Evaluation of wildlife behavioral response to human recreation; Application of resource selection, diversity of mammals and population models to rare and elusive species.
Headshot of Professor Changquing Wu
Changqing Wu
Townsend Hall

Areas of research include: Separation and identification of bioactive compounds from foods, spices, using column chromatography techniques; Impact of bioactive compounds on obesity and heart disease.

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