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Feed the world. Protect the planet.

Extraordinary challenges require extraordinary solutions. For 150 years, the daring innovations of our graduates have shaped the world we know today. Now, we carry on that daring spirit, using cutting-edge technology and scientific advances to envision a better tomorrow.

Focused on identifying and addressing future challenges, students and faculty of the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources are mastering research in five areas of unique strength:

  • Climate change impacts, mitigation and adaptation;
  • Human dimensions of food, agriculture and natural resources;
  • Sustainable food systems, landscapes and ecosystems;
  • Genetics and genomics for plant, animal and ecosystem improvement; and
  • One Health intersections among animal, plant, human and ecosystem health.

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In an age of technology and innovation, the future has never looked more exciting.

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Robot captures imaging of root systems at UD Farm:

Latest CANR Research News
  • Why can't we be friends?

    April 06, 2021 | Written by Tracey Bryant
    Just as the beneficial bacteria living in yogurt and sauerkraut are good for your gut, tiny organisms living in the soil help plants — by getting them nutrients, protecting them from drought, and fending off disease.
  • Backyard carbon

    March 29, 2021 | Written by Lauren Bradford
    To witness the carbon cycle in action, many homeowners need look no further than their own backyards. Researchers quantify carbon emissions from lawns and lawn maintenance in cities.
  • Animal science vs. coronavirus

    March 18, 2021 | Written by Dante LaPenta
    COVID-19 is new, caused by a novel coronavirus not previously seen in humans, but, down at the southern end of the University of Delaware campus, a group of staff and faculty knew all about similar diseases in animals.
  • UD's CEWER takes on analyzing wastewater to track COVID-19

    February 05, 2021 | Written by Sophia Schmidt of Delaware Public Media
    UD's CEWER researchers concentrate and analyze wastewater for genetic material from the COVID-19 virus for New Castle County.

Faculty expert spotlights

Professor Angelia Seyfferth takes a lab sample.
Angelia Seyfferth
Townsend Hall

Seyfferth focuses on understanding the soil biogeochemical processes that dictate contaminant and nutrient cycling and uptake by plants.
Ryan Arsenault holds up test sample to show graduate student
Ryan Arsenault
Townsend Hall

Arsenault investigates animal biology from a kinome perspective, gut health and immunometabolism and disease pathogenesis.

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