Community Outreach

Lasher Hosts 4-H Day Camp Visitors

This past summer Lasher Lab Technician Holly Anderson (UD CANR Alumna ANFS Class of 2019)  welcomed area youth attending a week-long Extension-themed 4-H day camp. With an emphasis on STEM education, camp planners included a tour of Lasher Laboratory.  The campers enjoyed practicing biosecurity by suiting up. They listened to Holly as she explained her duties at the lab. Holly was a career 4-H member of the Hollymount 4-H Club and shared how important 4-H was in shaping her college life and providing preparation for career opportunities that eventually led her to a full-time position with Lasher Lab in 2019.

Lasher Laboratory primarily serves both commercial and non-commercial clients across the Delmarva Peninsula. The lab provides outreach with the poultry industry beyond diagnostic testing and applied research.  Through collaboration with Georgie Cartanza, University of Delaware Poultry Extension Agent, solutions to current poultry issues have been identified through various projects. The lab also supplies outreach research by supporting the Jones-Hamilton Poultry Research House which deliveries research for poultry environmental issues.  Outreach to backyard growers is accomplished by offering free diagnostic services. Lasher Lab tours, when available, provide information to the public on the scientific testing that takes place daily and how that data supports the poultry community which effects the entire Delmarva peninsula.

At Lasher Lab, biosecurity is paramount.  Therefore, we cannot always open our doors for public tours! The above virtual tour is the next best thing to being there. Come inside and meet the dedicated scientists and staff as they explain their work and the beautiful lab facility renovated in 2015.

Lasher Lab's 2015 Makeover Helps With Poultry Disease Diagonistics and Research, Response

April 29, 2015--The newly renovated Lasher Laboratory avian diagnostic, disease and research facility was the focus as community members attended an open house held Friday, April 17, at the University of Delaware’s Elbert N. and Ann V. Carvel Research and Education Center in Georgetown, Delaware.  

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