Our department offers outstanding academic programs for undergraduate and graduate students preparing for research, teaching, and extension careers in entomology, ecology and wildlife conservation.

Our teaching, research, and extension efforts emphasize whole-organism biology, conservation biology, and the interactions between humans and other species.

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UD wildlife ecology and conservation students experience hands-on learning outside: youtube.com/watch?v=5IGogr1c2MY

Video description: In Wildlife Techniques (ENWC415), University of Delaware wildlife ecology and conservation majors explore a 35-acre outdoor classroom in the UD’s Ecology Woods. Faculty members like Angela Holland give undergraduates hands-on experience in techniques and fieldwork critical for their future wildlife careers, including navigation, animal handling and vegetation sampling. The course is a favorite among students who want to work outside and use both their hands and their mind. Learn about UD’s wildlife ecology and conservation major.

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Michael Crossley
Agricultural Entomologist

Dr. Crossley explores the role of rapid evolution in driving pest success and seeks to develop and refine innovative pest management strategies that benefit growers, the environment and society.

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  • Lizzy Baxter observes wolves on a snowy winter day in Yellowstone Park

    The wildlife grind

    September 20, 2023 | Written by Dante LaPenta
    Meet Lizzy Baxter. Over the past decade, the University of Delaware Class of 2012 alumna trotted the globe that she’s sworn to protect. Despite an incredible list of destinations, don’t expect the work of a wildlife biologist to be glamorous. Instead, it’s a grind. And Baxter has the mettle for the profession.
  • Bug off! Best practices for controlling insects in your home vegetable garden

    August 11, 2023 | Written by Dr. Judy Hough-Goldstein, Delaware Master Gardener
    July and August in the vegetable garden typically bring bountiful harvests of colorful vegetables. These are also the months when insect pests can really make their presence known, with plant and fruit damage becoming increasingly noticeable. This article provides some background information and management tips for understanding and managing those pests.
  • In The War Against The Spotted Lanternfly, Two Tiny Wasps Could be The Secret Weapon

    August 10, 2023 | Written by Nala Rogers of Popular Mechanics
    Popular Mechanics spotlights the work of Tyler Hagerty, UD graduate student who is working on spotted lanternfly biocontrol. The article features an interview with Hagerty and an inside look at the lab he's working in at UD.

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