Our department offers outstanding academic programs for undergraduate and graduate students preparing for research, teaching, and extension careers in entomology, ecology and wildlife conservation.

Our teaching, research, and extension efforts emphasize whole-organism biology, conservation biology, and the interactions between humans and other species.

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Major in wildlife ecology and conservation: youtube.com/watch?v=d3l0MFQv_uI

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Jeffrey Buler Wildlife Ecology

Dr. Buler studies radar aeroecology, avian ecology and migration, landscape ecology, and conservation biology.

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  • University of Delaware graduate student Amanda Hoyt is studying black ducks, their nesting and migration patterns. The ducklings were monitored during the 2020 field season.

    Ducks on the decline

    October 16, 2020 | Written by Dante LaPenta
    Wildlife ecology graduate student Amanda Hoyt investigates American black duck survival
  • Mapping bird migration

    October 07, 2020 | Written by Lauren Bradford
    Migratory bird populations face rapid declines due to many interacting factors including light pollution, climate change, and habitat loss and degradation.
  • Eye for the environment

    October 06, 2020 | Written by Dante LaPenta
    “Every aspect of nature is a being that needs a representative. I will be that and much more —something like the Lorax if you will.”

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