Our department offers outstanding academic programs for undergraduate and graduate students preparing for research, teaching, and extension careers in entomology, ecology and wildlife conservation.

Our teaching, research, and extension efforts emphasize whole-organism biology, conservation biology, and the interactions between humans and other species.

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UD researcher Jeff Buler protects birds against light pollution: youtube.com/watch?v=Ym9n2gBXLq0

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Michael Crossley Agricultural Entomologist

Dr. Crossley explores the role of rapid evolution in driving pest success and seeks to develop and refine innovative pest management strategies that benefit growers, the environment and society.

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  • Image with a microphone, logo of Letter & Politics podcast and a grassy green yard space

    Recreating Nature & Saving the Planet at Home

    July 27, 2022 | Podcast Hosted by Mitch Jeserich
    Doug Tallamy, entomology and wildlife ecology, talks about the ways humans can do a better job of co-existing with nature, specifically in how we care for our lawns. He says there is no reason we can't design landscapes that enhance the ecosystem.
  • Bringing Nature Home

    June 28, 2022 | Written by GGWTV
    When it comes understanding the critical relationships between native plants and the creatures that depend on them, Doug Tallamy is right at the top. By bringing nature home in the landscapes and gardens we ourselves create, we can collectively start to reverse this alarming decline.
  • We're rethinking our lawn design (and you should, too)

    June 01, 2022 | Written by Nadia Hassani of Salon.com
    Doug Tallamy has authored books on the importance of going native in your yard, and is the founder of the Homegrown National Park (HPN), the largest cooperative conservation project that's ever been undertaken in the U.S.

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