Ag Day

Countdown to Ag Day 2021

Ag Day 2021 is almost here!

Join us April 19-24 for a week-long virtual celebration
of agriculture and natural resources at UD.
Enjoy speakers, tours and activities with faculty,
staff and students from the College of Agriculture
and Natural Resources and UD Cooperative Extension.


UD Ag Day 2021

One World, One Health

The 2021 Ag Day theme is "One World, One Health" and will highlight college-wide research pertaining to this concept. One Health is a research perspective that considers the health of animals, humans and the environment as a single, integrated whole.

Additionally, registered student organizations will be showcasing their clubs while providing a glimpse of what it means to be an active student member in the College of Agriculture & Natural Resources. 

When held in-person, Ag Day is a community event that brings agriculture and natural resources to life for the approximately 8,000 people who attend each year.  Through educational exhibits, tours, and activities, our exhibitors educate everyone, from schoolchildren to homeowners, senior citizens to teenagers, about the world of agriculture and natural resources.  Adding to the fun are our many supplemental vendors, who provide food and entertainment for our guests.