We have excellent teaching, research, and outreach programs in the areas of plant biology (cellular, genetics, genomics, microbial, molecular and physiology), agronomy (including pathology, soil management and weed science), horticulture (sustainable landscapes, fruits and vegetables), landscape architecture and environmental soil sciences (biogeochemistry, hydrology and plant-soil interactions). We have a distinguished faculty, known nationally and internationally for their research and outreach, and within UD for their excellence in teaching, advising and mentoring students.

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University of Delaware Ph.D. candidate shares her plant science knowledge with Delaware youth:

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On top of her busy schedule as a University of Delaware Ph.D. candidate, Elizabeth Smith dedicates time to underserved students alongside Wilmington-based organization Four Youth. As part of a science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM) educational program, she gives Delaware elementary school kids hands-on exposure to the natural world. Smith encourages other UD students to get out into the local community to share knowledge and inspire the next generation. Learn more about the UD Department of Plant and Soil Sciences.

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Harsh Bais
Plant Biology

Bais' research takes a multidisciplinary approach by interfacing plant biology and chemistry to unravel the underground communication process.

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  • The UD study abroad group posed during a pause from walking down the steps in Roberto Burle Marx’s sítio. These steps lead from his studio to a pond garden he planned and executed near the end of his life.

    Exploring Brazil's Plants and Landscapes

    February 27, 2024 | Written by Katie Peikes
    Some UD students spent January in Brazil studying human interactions with plants and learning how to capture landscape details. They explored locations such as Rio de Janeiro and the Amazon, where they immersed themselves in Brazil's rich history and ecology.
  • Methane Mystery

    February 22, 2024 | Written by Katie Peikes Photos by Evan Krape and Andrew Hill
    Tidal salt marshes are fairly common across the Mid-Atlantic. These coastal ecosystems provide habitat for plants, birds and fish. Existing at the intersection of land and sea, tidal salt marshes act as armor against hurricanes and shoreline erosion.
  • Could space salad jeopardize a mission to Mars?

    January 25, 2024 | Written by Robert Lea of
    UD research on space-grown plants and foodborne infections featured on

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