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Dairy research at the University of Delaware focuses on the general areas of dairy nutrition - with an emphasis on forage and silage production and rumen fermentation - and dairy cow health. Communicating results of the latest dairy science research to Delaware’s agricultural community is a high priority for UD Cooperative Extension.

The College has established a multi-disciplinary dairy extension team that is responsible for technology transfer and assisting dairy farms throughout the state. Key areas addressed by this team include dairy nutrition, agronomic aspects of crop production on dairy farms, engineering systems for housing, feeding, milking, and waste management, dairy health and reproduction, and the economics of dairy farming.

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Undergraduate Research Opportunities

The farm and accompanying facilities offer many research opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students. Undergraduates may be involved in research in several ways. You may conduct undergraduate research as a volunteer, for a salary, or for credit through ANFS 468.

Many undergraduate and graduate researchers have gone on to complete successful programs in graduate programs (M.S. and Ph.D. degrees) and veterinary school. Students have become practicing veterinarians, extension educators, biologists and research scientists in industry and at Universities.

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