Sustainable Systems

Sustainable food systems, landscapes and ecosystems

Sustaining our food system is foundational to our college’s mission and requires an interdisciplinary approach, involving almost all of our faculty as well as those externally.

To be sustainable, agriculture must be:

  1. Profitable for the producer;
  2. Affordable, safe and nutritious for the consumer; and
  3. Respectful of the environment. 

Without any one of the three, the system fails. Beyond food, our research has, and will continue to focus on sustainable landscape design and management, and sustaining the world’s ecosystems by conserving natural resources and enhancing biodiversity and resiliency.

The Delmarva region provides an excellent setting in which to study sustainability since it is a relatively populous, environmentally sensitive region of the country.

Affiliated centers and programs



CONSERVE is facilitating the adoption of transformative on‐farm solutions that enable the safe use of sustainable, nontraditional irrigation water on food crops.

Visit CONSERVE website.

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