Applied Economics and Statistics is concerned with agribusiness management, food marketing, the economics of environmental and resource management, and statistics.

Applied Economics courses are designed to provide a thorough background in the principles of organization and management of agribusiness firms, and includes study of financing agricultural business firms, marketing and international trade of agricultural products, price analysis, environmental economics, economics of land use, and agricultural and environmental policies.

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Major in environmental and resource economics: youtube.com/watch?v=j8uvW7ULgQQ

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Kelly Davidson Assistant Professor of Applied Economics

Dr. Davidson uses behavioral and experimental economics to evaluate food and agricultural policy.

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    Pairing crime and data

    September 13, 2021 | Written by Dante LaPenta
    As Lin Liu witnessed rapid social and economic shifts in her native China, she dug deeper into the story of crime — how issues like poverty, family dysfunction or institutional inequality played a role in the tale.
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    University of Delaware senior Brandon Wu was a child of this “Moneyball” era. A fascination with data drove him to major in statistics, where he thrived in coursework in mathematics, computer science, regression and database management.
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    May 07, 2021 | Written by Dante LaPenta
    Spread by the invasive Asian citrus psyllid insect, citrus greening costs U.S. growers $975 million annually.

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