Our diverse, nationally-known faculty conduct extensive and coordinated programs in undergraduate and graduate education, cutting-edge research, and public outreach in many vital areas including Natural Resource Management; Environmental and Resource Economics; Agricultural Policy; Food and Agribusiness Marketing and Management; International Trade; Operations Research and Decision Analysis; and Statistical Analysis and Research Methods.


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Research Reports
RR19-10 Is there a potential market for seaweed? A framed field experiment on consumer acceptance Li, Tongzhe; Ahsanuzzaman; Messer, Kent D.
RR19-09 Mitigating Stigma Associated with Recycled Water: Aquifer Recharge and Trophic Levels Ellis, Sean F.; Savchenko, Olesya; Messer, Kent D.
RR19-08 A Neuroeconomic Investigation of Disgust in Food Purchasing Decisions Ellis, Sean F.; Kecinski, Maik; Messer, Kent D.; Lusk, Jayson L.
RR19-07 Children’s vulnerability to natural disasters: Evidence from natural experiments in Bangladesh Ahsanuzzaman; Islan, Muhammad Q.
RR19-06 Behavioral and experimental agri-environmental research: methodological challenges, literature gaps, and recommendations Palm-Forster, Leah; Ferraro, Paul J.; Janusch, Nicholas; Vossler, Christian A.; Messer, Kent D.
RR19-05 Drinking Water and Environmental Justice in Post-Flint America: How Water Tests Increase Public Welfare Ritchie, Kaitlynn; Maik, Kecinski; Kent D., Messer
RR19-02 Is this Food “Local?” Evidence from a Framed Field Experiment Li, Tongzhe; Ahsanuzzaman; Messer, Kent
RR19-01 Ag-E MINDSPACE Effect Size Table Author: Palm-Forster, Leah, H.; Ferraro, Paul J.; Janusch, Nicholas; Vossler, Christian A.; Messer, Kent D.
RR18-10 Gender Bias or Profit Maximization? An Economics Experiment on the Gap in Availability and Cost of  Female Avatars in Mobile Games Jennings, A.B.; Messer, M.K.
RR18-09 Does Food Processing Mitigate Consumers’ Concerns about Crops Grown with Recycled Water? Savchenko, Olesya M.; Li, Tongzhe; Kecinski, Maik; Messer, Kent D.
RR18-08 Reclaimed Water and Food Production: Cautionary Tales from Consumer Research Savchenko, Olesya M.; Kecinski, Maik; Li, Tongzhe; Messer, Kent D.
RR18-07 What's in a Name? Branding Reclaimed Water
Ellis, Sean F.; Savchenko, Olesya M.; Messer, Kent D.
RR18-06 Gaps in Risk Perceptions Between the United States and Israel: Field Experiments on Various Types of Nontraditional Water Ellis, S.F.; Kecinski, M.; Messer, K.D.; Lipchin, C.
 RR18-04 Behavioral Responses to Science-based Eco-labeling: Gold, Silver, or Bronze Li, Tongzhe; Kecinski, Maik; Messer, Kent D.
RR18-03 Fresh Foods Irrigated With Recycled Water: A Framed Field Experiment on Consumer Response
Xu, Huidong; Savchenko, Olesya; Kecinski, Maik; Messer, Kent D.; Li, Tongzhe
RR18-02 Spatial Attribution in Nonpoint Source Pollution Policy Fooks, Jacob R.; Messer, Kent D.; Suter, Jordan F.
RR18-01 Addressing Social Dilemmas with Mascots, Information and Graphics  Butler, Juliana M.; Fooks, Jacob R.; Messer, Kent D.; Palm-Forster, Leah H.
RR17-10 Comparison of Statistical Learning and Predictive Models on Breast Cancer Data and King County Housing Data  Cai, Yunjiao; Fu, Zhuolun; Zhao, Yuzhe; Hu, Yilin; Ding, Shanshan
RR17-09 Simulating Heterogeneous Farmer Behaviors under Different Policy Schemes: Integrating Economic Experiments and Agent-Based Modeling Wu, Shang; Zia, Asim; Ren, Mengyuan; Messer, Kent D.
RR17-08 Continuous Attribute Values in a Simulation Environment: Offshore Energy Production and Mid-Atlantic Beach Visitation Fooks, Jacob R.; Messer, Kent D.; Duke, Joshua M.; Johnson, Janet B.; Parsons, George R.
RR17-07 Consumer Preferences for the Provision of Water Quality Services by Oysters Kecinski, Maik; Messer, Kent D.; Peo, Audrey J.
RR17-06 Social Preferences and Communication as Stigma Mitigation Devices- Evidence from Recycled Drinking Water Experiments  Kecinski, Maik; Messer, Kent D.
RR17-05 Auction versus Posted Price in Experiments: Comparisons of Mean and Marginal Effect Wu, Shang; Fooks, Jacob; Li, Tongzhe; Messer, Kent D.; Delaney, Deborah
RR17-04 Heterogeneous Agents and Information Nudges in Non-Point Source Water Pollution Management Wu, Shang; Palm-Forster, Leah; Messer, Kent D.
RR17-03 Testing Policies That Use Continuous Nutrient Sensing by Drinking Water Utilities to Reduce Non-Point Source Pollution under Climate Variability Linda Grand,
Jacob R. Fooks,
Kent D. Messer* *corresponding author: Kent D. Messer
 RR17-02 Machine Learning Based Policy to Ease Information Asymmetry in Non-Point Pollution Management Jacob R. Fooks, Kent D. Messer, Jordan F. Suter
RR17-01 Linking Eligibility for Agricultural Subsidies to Water Quality Leah H. Palm-Forster, Jordan F. Suter, and Kent D. Messer
RR16-11 Tourist Preferences and Externalities of Views of Wind Turbines Jacob F. Fooks
Kent D. Messer
Joshua M. Duke
Janet B. Johnson
Tongzhe Li
George R. Parsons
RR16-09 Heterogeneous Preferences and Demographic Differences for Oysters:  Evidence from Field Experiments Tongzhe Li
Maik Kecinski
Kent D. Messer
RR16-08 Are you more economic than a first grader?: A mixed methods approach in a common pool resources experiment Amanda Brooke Jennings
RR16-07 Behavioral Nudges in Competitive Environments: A Field Experiment Examining Defaults and Social Comparisons in a Conservation Contract Auction Kent D. Messer
Paul J. Ferraro
William Allen III
RR16-06 Understanding and Overcoming the Barriers for Cost-Effective Conservation Linda Grand
Kent D. Messer
William Allen, III2
RR16-05 Reverse Auctions for Purchases of Ecosystem Services: The Effect of Information on Auction Structure Performance Kent D. Messer
Joshua M. Duke
Lori Lynch
Tongzhe Li
RR16-04 When Does Public Information Undermine the Efficiency of Reverse Auctions for the Purchase of Ecosystem Services? Joshua M. Duke
Kent D. Messer
Lori Lynch
Tongzhe Li
RR16-03 How Safety Recalls Affect Consumer Preferences
for Eggs: An Experimental Analysis
Tongzhe Li
John C. Bernard
Zhachary A. Johnston
Kent D. Messer
RR16-02 Consumer Preferences for the Provision of Water Quality Services by Oysters Maik Kecinski
Kent D. Messer
Audrey J. Peo
RR16-01 Social Preferences and Communication as Stigma Mitigation Devices – Evidence from Recycled Drinking Water Experiments Maik Kecinski
Kent D. Messer
RR15-04 Competition in Stackelberg Oligopolies: First Mover Advantage vs. Inequality Aversion Maik Kecinski
RR15-03 Military Readiness and Environmental Protection Through Cost-Effective Land Conservation Maik Kecinski
Deborah Kerley Keisner
Kent Messer
William D. Schulze
RR15-02 Measuring Stigma: The Behavioral Implications of Disgust Maik Kecinski
Deborah Kerley Keisner
Kent Messer
William D. Schulze
RR15-01 Stigma Mitigation and the Importance of Redundant Treatments Maik Kecinski
Deborah Kerley Keisner
Kent Messer
William D. Schulze
RR14-10 The Joint Risks of Anticipated Sea-Level Rise and Coastal Contaminated Sites: Economic and Scientific Evidence Joshua M. Duke
Kent D. Messer
Holly A. Michael
Donald L. Sparks
RR14-09 Multiple-Knapsack Optimization in Land Conservation: Results from the first cost-effective conservation program in the US Kent Messer
Maik Kecinski
Xing Tang
Robert Hirsch
RR14-08 Consumer Demand for Local Honey: An Artefactual Field Experiment Shang Wu
Jacob Fooks
Kent Messer
Deborah Delaney
 RR14-07 Do Auctions Underestimate Consumer WTP? An Artefactual Field Experiment Shang Wu
Jacob Fooks
Kent Messer
Deborah Delaney
RR14-06 Additionality in Water Quality Trading: Evidence from Maryland's Nutrient Offset Program  Joshua M. Duke
Joshua M. McGrath
Nicole M. Fiorellino
Tyler S. Monteith
Emileigh Rosso
RR14-05 Conservation Professional Attitudes
about Cost Effectiveness of the Land
Preservation: A Case Study in Maryland
Kent Messer
William Allen
Maik Kecinski
Yu Chen
RR14-04 The Ecosystem Services of Residential Landscapes: A Delaware Study Site Josh Duke, Jules Bruck, Sue Barton, Megan Murray
RR14-03 Conserving Spatially Explicit Benefits in Ecosystem Service Markets:
Lab and Artefactual Field Tests of Network Bonuses and Spatial Targeting
Jacob Fooks, Nate Higgins, Kent Messer, Josh Duke, Dan Hellerstein, Lori Lynch
RR14-02 Valuing Continuously Varying Visual Disamenities: Offshore Energy Production and Delaware Beach Visitation Jacob Fooks, Kent Messer, Josh Duke, Janet Johnson, George Parsons
RR13-02 Reducing Agricultural Water Pollution in
Texas: An Application of Linear
Messer, EditorCase Studies:Lenna Hildebrand
Stephen Stark
RR13-01 Incorporating Climate Change with
Conservation Planning: a Case Study for
Tidal Marsh Bird Conservation in
Delaware, USA.
Messer, EditorCase Studies:W. Gregory Shriver
Whitney A. Wiest
RR12-01 Maximizing Benefits for Women in Delaware: Improving Project Selection Using Optimization Technique Messer, Editor
Case Studies:
Jenna Toussaint
Shang Wu
RR11-02 Minimizing cost for Municipal residential solid waste collection in City of Newark using Goal Programming & GIS tools Messer, Editor
Case Study:
Priyanka Jain
RR11-01 Achieving Cost Effective Conservation:  ORES801 Case Studies of Optimization Application to the Department of Defense's Readiness and Environmental Protection Initiative. Messer, Editor; Case Studies:  Korch, Mary Ann and Bounds, Thomsa
RR10-03 The Impact of Agriculture on Delaware's Economy Awokuse, Ilvento, and Johnston
RR10-02 The Historical Basis Record for Grain and Soybeans in Delaware:  Marketing Years 2007-08 to 2009-10 Sorkin, German, and Toensmeyer
RR10-01 Achieving Cost Effective Conservation:
ORES801 Case Studies of Optimization
Applications to Wetland Mitigation in
Maryland, Water Quality Improvement in
Pennsylvania, Increased Cost‐Sharing for
Forest Protection, and the Preservation of
Agricultural Lands in Delaware and
Baltimore County.
Messer, Editor; Case Studies:  Dillaway, Fooks, Chen, and Tank
RR09-01 Working paper on Achieving Cost Effective
Conservation: ORES801 Case Studies of Applying Optimization To Protect Endangered Birds, Preserve Agricultural Lands, and Conserve Forested Lands
Messer, Editor; Case Studies: Borchers, Kalamburu, Stefanova
RR07-02 Preserving Farms and Forests in Sussex County, Delaware: Public Value Duke, Johnston, and Campson
RR05-02 The Impact of Developed-World Policies on the Developing World: A Bilateral Learning Initiative Duke and Awokuse
RR05-03 Reciprocal Educational Exchange Between The University of Delaware and Slovak Agricultural University: Final Report Ilvento and Duke
RR04-01 Supplying Preservation: Landowner Behavior and the Delaware Agricultural Lands Preservation Program Duke and Ilvento
RR02-05 The Farm Sector of Delaware Agriculture: Changes from 1982 - 1997 Hastings, Maher, Acuff
RR02-04 StatLAb Annual Report, Spring 2002 Rejto, Cho, Ilvento
RR02-03 Landuse Issues in Delaware Agriculture Duke, Mackenzie, and Ilvento
RR02-02 Designing a Web-based Interface for Student Peer  Review on a Unix Server Duke and Whisler
RR02-01 Public Support for Land Preferences: Measuring Relative Preferences in Delaware. Duke, Ilvento and Hyde
RR01-04 A Spatial Analysis of the Distributional Effects of Water Quantity Management Eheman, Duke and Mackenzie
RR00-03 Factors Influencing Participation in BR&E Programs: A Study of Local Coordinators in Six States.   Ilvento and Loveridge
SP04-01 Analysis of Christina School District's 2003 DSTP Performance Mackenzie and Christina School District Board of Education
SP03-03 Predictive Time Model of an Anglia Autoflow Mechanical Chicken Catching System Ramasamy, Benson, Bernard,  Van Wicklen
SP03-02 Modeling Nitrate Loading Rate in Delaware Lakes Using Regression and Neural Networks Sudhakar, Krishnan, Bernard, and Ritter
SP03-01 Modeling Nitrate Concentration in Ground Water Using Regression and Neural Networks Ramasamy, Krishnan, Bernard, and Ritter
SP02-05 Moving Beyond Chalk and Talk: Using Problem-Based-Learning In A Research Methods Course Sequence Hyde and Ilvento
SP02-04 The Effect of Local Economic Development Policy on Employment Growth in Rural Counties in the Mid-Atlantic Region James, Ilvento, and Hastings
SP02-03 Asset Storability and Hedging Effectiveness in Commodity Futures Markets Yang and Awokuse
SP02-02 The Informational Role of Commodity Prices in Formulating Monetary Policy: A Reexamination Awokuse and Yang
SP02-01 Is the Export-Lead Growth Hypothesis Valid for Canada? Awokuse
SP01-01 Sequential Land Acquisition for Nature Reserves under Acquisition and Population Uncertainty. Malcolm
SP00-02 In-Patient Flow Analysis Using ProModelTM Simulation Package Elbeyli and Krishnan
SP00-01 The Mediation of Variance Conflicts: An Empirical Evaluation  Duke, Joshua M. and Ryan P. Jost.
Extension Papers    
ER17-01 A Summary of Research on Whether Consumers Will Pay More for Watermelons Grown on Preserved Farmland Duke, Joshua M.; Bernard, John M.; Albrecht, Sara; Vitz, Gregory
ER10-02 Executive Summary of the Historical Basis Record for Grain and Soybeans:  Marketing  Years 2007/08 to 2009/10 German, Toensmeyer, and Sorkin
ER10-01 The 21st Century Grain Marketing Primer German, Carl


Jennifer Popkin,  “Willingness to Pay for Electricity Sourced from Natural Gas Extracted Using Hydraulic Fracturing: Location and Preference Heterogeneity”.2012. Advisor: Joshua M. Duke.


George Szczepanski. “Effects of Food Safety Regulations on International Trade in Shrimp and Prawns: The Case of Oxytetracycline Regulation”. 2011.  Advisor: Titus O. Awokuse.

Greg Liu. “Comparison of Regression and Arima Models with Neural Network Models to Forecast the Daily Streamflow of White Clay Creek”. 2011. Advisor: Palaniappa Krishnan.

Steven Dundas. “Public Goods and Spatial Location: Stated Preference Prioritization with Spatial Interdependencies”. 2011. Advisor:  Joshua M. Duke,

Olufemi Bolarinwa, “Does Foreign Lobbying Influence Trade Policy in the United States?” 2011.  Advisor: Titus O. Awokuse

Jeffery Patterson, “The Eastward Expansion of the European Union: Is Foreign Direct Investment Being Diverted from the EU Periphery” 2011. Advisor: Titus O. Awokuse.

Lu Fang, ‘Foreign Direct Investment and Intellectual Property Rights: Evidence from the Knowledge-Captial Model”. 2011. Advisor: Titus O. Awokuse.

Ruizhi Xie, “Adjustment of External Imbalances:  Does the Exchange Rate Matter: - Evidence from Brazil, China and India”. 2011. Advisor: Titus O. Awokuse.

Tong Wu, “Explaining Consumers' Willingness to Pay for Local and Organic Food Using Extended Theory of Planned Behavior”. 2011. Advisor: John C. Bernard.