Food and Agribusiness Marketing and Management

Food and Agribusiness Marketing and Management applies marketing, management, sales and business concepts to the food and fiber industry. Students gain sound business training across two University of Delaware colleges. We begin with basic business principles, accounting and marketing coursework and then focus of food marketing, human resource management, strategic selling and buyer communication, economics of biotechnology, international trade, management of a new business, food retailing and buyer behavior. You will explore the food market system from the farm to consumer and learn to market food commodities from cereal and produce to Perdue chicken. We also make sure you are confident working with data, performing statistical analysis, understanding consumer experiments and developing surveys.

Why major in Food and Agribusiness Marketing and Management?

Food and fiber industries constitute approximately 16 percent of the U.S. economy with a value of over $2.5 trillion and 20 million jobs. The production of food is only a small part of this total, with most of the effort, resources and jobs involved in creating and marketing products to consumers. Our major focuses on the unique aspects of these industries, including food marketing, management and leadership, and entrepreneurship. Not only will you obtain a strong background in business principles, but you will also graduate with the knowledge of how the agribusiness sector operates and impacts domestic and world economies. The job market is hungry for students well trained in business, but who also understand the unique nature and dynamics of the food and fiber industry. In fact, agricultural economics related majors rank second in employability among all college majors, according to USA Today

Career paths

  • Produce and Food Brokering
  • Investment Brokering
  • Food Marketing
  • Food Sales
  • Agricultural Chemical Sales
  • Pharmaceutical and Veterinary Medicine Sales
  • Market Analyst

Graduate school paths

  • Economics
  • Resource Economics
  • Marketing
  • Law
  • Agribusiness Finance
  • International Marketing
  • Business Administration

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