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In 1869, the University of Delaware (UD) College of Agriculture and Natural Resources was established as the state’s land-grant university with a mission consisting of three elements: teaching, research and “extension”.

Cooperative Extension fulfills the third part of this mission: bringing knowledge to the people of Delaware. Today, we offer university knowledge, research and resources — just for you! You have questions. We have expert answers.

From nutrition classes and Master Naturalist courses to 4-H youth clubs and programs that support local agriculture — UD Cooperative Extension has something for everyone!

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Managing Spotted Lanternflies

This destructive, invasive insect poses a threat to Delaware's agricultural economy. This winter and spring, it is important to watch for and destroy their eggs by scraping them into a plastic bag with rubbing alcohol.

Video: How to destroy Spotted Lanternfly eggs:

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  • Shem Elias stands in front of a high tunnel filled with baby ginger.

    Big Hopes for Baby Ginger in Mid-Atlantic Farming

    September 14, 2022 | Written by Michael Short of Lamcaster Farming
    Could baby ginger become an alternative crop for Mid-Atlantic farmers? That’s one of the research projects at the Carvel Research and Education Center of the University of Delaware. The baby ginger research is being headed by Shem Elias, a Tanzanian master student.
  • Master Gardener Book Review: Let it Rot!

    September 08, 2022 | Written by Susan Graves
    Let it Rot! Has one goal: to demystify composting and remind us that it can be easy and fun and accessible to the masses. With a little effort and a little artistry, you can compost successfully and have fun creating beautiful, nutrient-rich soil.
  • Practical Advice for Manure Management On Small Farms

    September 08, 2022 | Written by Sydney Young Riggi, Susan Truehart Garey and Dr. Amy Shober
    Practical tips on manure handling to retain nutrient value while minimizing environmental impacts for farms that do not meet the criteria to be captured in the Delaware Nutrient Management Law.
  • Five Ways Running Has Helped Me

    August 31, 2022 | Written by Madison Crossley, former Delaware Teen Health & Wellness Ambassador
    Now my views on running have greatly changed. I was able to get past the initial discomfort that comes with being a “new” runner and, as a result, I have been able to reap some of the amazing benefits that running has to offer. #4HHealthyHabits


Each year, impact statements summarize the accomplishments of our educational efforts! The latest impact statements are available in both text and infographic formats.

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