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4-H students working on a STEM project

4‑H programs are grounded in the belief that kids learn best by doing!

4-H members complete hands-on projects (in areas like science, health, agriculture and civic engagement) in a positive environment where they receive guidance from adult mentors and are encouraged to take on proactive leadership roles. Members may concentrate on one focus area or try a variety of programs!


How much does a 4-H project cost?

Cost varies depending on the project. For example, a member enrolled in foods might use supplies found in the typical kitchen at no additional expense while a member who buys and keeps a quarter horse might invest hundreds of dollars. Project leaders and members should discuss costs and make sure selected projects are realistic to individual family situations.


Are projects done individually or as a group?

Both. Some projects, including conservation or biking, are more fun when done as a group! Others, like sewing or baking, are individual endeavors.


Can adults assist with a member’s project work?

Members are expected to do their own project work with appropriate help and support of leaders, junior leaders and parents. Adult supporters may demonstrate or talk members through a project. Ultimately, 4-H’ers are expected to learn by doing projects themselves.


What is an exhibit?

An exhibit is an object or display designed to help members highlight their accomplishments. But an exhibit is not an end in itself, nor does it measure the learning that takes place through a project. An award or ribbon is only one measure of success. Self-recognition and self-satisfaction for having completed a project are also important rewards!

Project/Record Books

Record Book submission due dates vary by county. Members should contact their County Office for the specific date of submission each year.

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Doug Crouse

State 4-H Program Leader at University of Delaware


How to complete 4-H Record Books

2020 Recorded webinar | 1h 9m | Youtube

How to complete your 4-H Record Books (video):