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A view of plant roots underneath a hydroponic growing shelf

Hydroponic Food Production

Build skills for modern, urban, controlled-environment agriculture

Undergraduate Student Services
531 South College Ave.
104 Townsend Hall
Newark, DE 19716

Office Hours:
Weekdays 8am-12pm & 1-4:30pm



We are here for you!

Our college is an educationally rich environment bursting with life and learning, where students are invited and encouraged to be full partners in their education. 

The Office of Undergraduate Student Services has an open-door policy and family-like environment that promises to:

  • Provide resources and support for academic advisement;

  • Provide information on our programs of study and opportunities to visit our part of campus for those interested in declaring a major/minor in our college;

  • Connect you with faculty mentors and other support offices on campus; and

  • Be there for you from your first day of school through graduation day and beyond.

Undergraduate Student Services

Winter Session

UD students are encouraged to enroll in Winter Session to get ahead or catch up on courses.

Check out CANR winter session courses like From the Cow to the Cone: The Science and Business of Ice Cream, Debates in Conservation Biology or Pandemic Preparedness and One Health among others.

Learn more about UD's special sessions.

From the Cow to the Cone: Science and Business of Ice Cream:

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Tanzania 2020

2020 Winter Study Abroad in Tanzania

Photos taken by Patrick Carney, insect ecology and conservation major

Study Abroad

CANR offers study abroad opportunities in New Zealand, Brazil, Costa Rica and Tanzania to name a few.

Some of the courses offered abroad include:

  • ENWC 453: Community-Based Conservation
  • ANFS 419: Topics in International Animal Agriculture
  • PLSC 100: Plants and Human Culture
  • APEC 150: Economics of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Go Global