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The Thurman Adams Jr. Agricultural Research Farm (347 acres) along with the Warrington Irrigation Research Farm (126 acres) are key resources of the Carvel Research & Education Center that provide the venue for agronomic, vegetable and fruit research critical to Delaware agriculture as well as the region. In any given year there are several hundred field and greenhouse research trials evaluating pest management (weeds, diseases and insects), nutrient and irrigation management, variety testing, cover cropping systems, cultural practices, precision agriculture and specialty crops. Critical funding to support this research comes from federal, state, county and numerous allied industries all in partnership to sustain Delaware agriculture as the top industry in the state. High school and college students provide important support to conduct these trials and in turn receive excellent work based learning opportunities from our team of 50+ faculty and staff for their professional development.

Videos from Delaware Agriculture Week 2022:

I appreciate the research our UD Extension team is doing in the area of irrigation management, nutrient utilization and application timing, cover crops and weed suppression, pest management, and plant health. The recent effort at the Carvel Center to put together a team of Extension researchers in the areas of agronomy, plant pathology, weed science, entomology and ag engineering that can work together with ag producers will enable us to develop wholistic cropping systems.

- R.C. Willin President, Willin Farms, LLC

Alyssa Koehler
Extension Specialist
Plant Pathology

David Owens
Extension Specialist

Jarrod Miller
Extension Specialist