Weed Science

Weed science management field in Sussex County

Program overview

The University of Delaware Weed Science Program provides continuing education on the principles of weed science, and training on effective and responsible weed control practices.  UD Weed Science conducts unbiased studies for weed control of agronomic crops and commercial vegetables.  Chemical, mechanical, and cultural practices are evaluated.  Results and recommendations are made available to farmers and agribusinesses through publications, county and state-wide meetings, and field days throughout the year.  UD Weed Science informs the agricultural community of emerging weed issues.

These guides are technical bulletins that provide technical information on managing key weeds in agronomic crops and commercial vegetables. Bulletins include control of Delaware’s noxious weeds. Often the information is specific to Delaware or the mid-Atlantic Region.

Learn more about the guide in the video below.

Weed Management Guide: youtube.com/watch?v=wH5AyULjKL0

Annual results of the UD conducted weed control demonstrations and trials. Trials are conducted at the UD’s Thurman Adams Research Farm (UD-REC) and at various on-farm locations throughout Delaware. Compilation of these trials is the basis of UD Weed Management Recommendations. Extension recommendations are seldom made based on a single trial.



Program contacts

Barbara Scott

Research Associate III
Plant and Soil Sciences
(M.A., University of Delaware)
(302) 856-7303
Email: bascott@udel.edu

Claudio Rubione

Extension/Research Associate
Weed Science and GROW
(M.Sc. University of Buenos Aires)
(302) 856-7303
Email: crubione@udel.edu
Website: growiwm.org