Nutrient Management

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Applied research and education programs conducted by the UD Nutrient Management Program are designed to assist Delaware’s agricultural and horticultural producers improve nutrient use efficiency to increase profitability, while protecting and improving environmental quality.

The University of Delaware Nutrient Management Program works closely with the Delaware Nutrient Management Commission to offer certification and continuing education programs in accordance with the 1999 Delaware Nutrient Management Act.

The certification program promotes the proper handling of nutrients to improve water quality while maintaining profitability for producers. The UD Nutrient Management Program provides many certification and continuing education opportunities to help individuals obtain and maintain certification with the State.

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Tools & Templates

  • Delaware Animal Waste Management Plan Template (Word Doc)
    This template is available for poultry and livestock operations to write a Delaware Animal Waste Management Plan. Individuals who are certified as a Nutrient Generator can write their own Animal Waste Management Plan unless they meet the criteria to become a permitted CAFO. This template will help individuals estimate manure production on their operation and offer space for record keeping.

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Amy Shober Professor and Extension Specialist, Nutrient Management and Environmental Quality
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Sydney Riggi Extension Associate - Nutrient Management
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Hilary Gibson Program Coordinator - Nutrient Management Program
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John Emerson Extension Agent - Turfgrass Nutrient Management
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Shawn Tingle Extension Specialist - Nutrient Management