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4-H Teen Council group photo
Left to Right: Leslie Webb, Maci Carter, Garrett Geidel, Rachel Taylor, Hunter Willoughby, Jenna Anger and Matison Smith

National Congress

National 4-H Congress is one of the premiere experiences for 4-H members across the country to participate in. For 94 years, members of the 4-H program have been gathering to celebrate the successes and accomplishments of 4-H at this event. National 4-H Congress provides a life-changing experience for youth to meet other 4-H members from across America, as they participate in educational workshops focusing on diversity, cultural experiences, leadership, team development, and of course having fun!




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Award Procedure

Delaware 4-H youth age 14 and older on January 1, 2021, are eligible to apply for selection to participate in National 4-H Congress.  This award trip recognizes youth for outstanding program/project accomplishments, leadership and citizenship/community service.



The selection process for State 4-H Awards for 2021 will include:

  • Submission of Awards Application to your County 4-H Office by May 1, 2021. 
  • Participation in an Awards Interview – date to be determined.

Award winners are requested to assist the Delaware 4-H Foundation with at least five hours of fundraising support or pay a $50.00 registration fee.  In order to receive the trip, selected individual must attend the County Achievement Program to receive award and participate in an orientation session with at least one parent or guardian. 

Winners will receive a trip to National 4-H Congress
in Atlanta, Georgia, November 26 –30, 2021.


Failure to participate in and complete necessary information by the above deadlines will result in the delegate’s trip to the National 4-H Congress being forfeited.



The following scorecard will be used in evaluating awards applications:


Program or Project Accomplishments — 40%

As shown by knowledge, skills, and insights gained, scope and sophistication of projects and activities, breadth and depth of participation, development of life skills, and information shared with others.

Leadership Accomplishments — 25%

As evidenced by offices and leadership positions held at the local club, county and state level and accomplishments in leadership roles.  10% teaching younger youth project work, 10% planning and conducting club, county and state activities and 5% leadership outside 4-H.

Citizenship/Community Service Accomplishments — 25%

As demonstrated by the extent of participation in service to individuals, groups and communities; and by the development of positive attitudes toward service.  15% will be based upon 4-H citizenship and 5% on citizenship experiences related to project work and 5% citizenship/community service outside 4-H.

Interview — 10%

Ability to articulate 4-H experiences and accomplishments.


Complete the application and obtain the appropriate signatures.  You may include three pages per project sharing your accomplishments.  The three-page allocation applies to leadership and citizenship/ community involvement sections also.  All sections included on the form must be included but may vary depending upon the project.  Someone other than your parent should sign as the leader.  Attach pages describing your most memorable 4-H experience and photograph pages.  Do not use plastic covers for each page as they make reading the record difficult.  Binder cover should be labeled with your name, major projects, and county.  Submit all information in a binder or folder to the County 4-H Office by May 1, 2021. 

Awards applications should be neatly typed.  Use of a computer with word processing capacity is encouraged.  Please be specific.  List and chart accomplishments when possible.  Use years to show growth.  Please include programs and projects you plan to complete this year prior to August 31.  This is the 2021 4-H year.



Summarize (list) your accomplishments for two or more of your most significant 4-H program/projects on three pages per project.  These should be projects you are enrolled in this year.  You should include what you have learned, project and personal growth, career-related interests, project size, expense/income, value, project hours involved, related activity participation, (demonstrations, judging, public speaking, fair exhibits, and related activities).  Emphasis should be placed on what was accomplished in each project. Records should show growth through the years.  Complete the section on leadership and citizenship/community service related to this project.  Complete pages 2-4 of the Congress application form for each major project.

Citizenship and Leadership may be included as major projects.  Later sections on leadership and citizenship/community service should also be completed if your most outstanding project is leadership or citizenship.



Leadership means taking the lead in giving direction, planning and organizing.  Effective leadership depends on help and assistance from others, but helping is a supportive role, not leadership.  Identify the things you have done in 4-H where you planned, organized and gave direction, either with others or individually.  Use action words such as conducted, or directed, indicating your role.

List in chronological order your volunteer leadership participation in 4-H.  Include number of individuals impacted.  Include elected and appointed leadership as well as promotional activities.  Up to one half a page may be leadership experiences outside of 4-H.  Using the letter “L” for local club or community, “C” for county, and “S” for state, designate the level of your involvement and participation.  The leadership section of your record should be three pages.

Include experiences as a junior and/or teen leader and other volunteer leadership roles you have performed at 4-H activities, camps, workshops, judging events, tours, field trips, fairs and teaching projects at the club level.



Citizenship can be defined as acting with informed concern for self and others as an individual or group action.  Helping and assisting are important. You can take some leadership, but it is not required.  Community Service is what you as an individual or with others perform to help your community.  Helping your family is not a community service.  Up to one half a page can be citizenship/community service experiences outside of 4-H. Emphasis should be placed on what impact your community involvement has had on others.  The Citizenship/Community Service section should be no more than three pages.

List in chronological order your citizenship/community service experiences; include things that contribute to the welfare of your club or group members, other individuals, or community and indicate the size and scope of what you did. Use the following format: years, kind of activity, size and scope of what you did, your involvement (y = performed yourself, g = gave primary leadership to a group, or m = was a member of a group.)


  • Year(s)
  • Kind of Activity
  • Size and Scope of What You Did
  • Your Involvement



Describe the most memorable experience of your 4-H career in two pages or less. This may have been positive or negative, such as winning grand champion or dropping your Favorite Foods cake on the way to the contest or an experience you had as a teen leader.



Include up to five pages of photographs and/or project samples that support and document the achievements of the applicant in projects, leadership and citizenship/community service. Photography project members may include an additional 5 pages of photographs highlighting their photography achievements/techniques.



Local 4-H leaders will be contacted by the State 4-H office for a confidential statement regarding the involvement of the applicant at the club level. The County 4-H agent and Jr. Council Advisor will be asked to discuss the applicant’s involvement on the county level.


last updated:  1-29-2021


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Delaware 4-H 2021 Virtual State Teen Conference

4-H Members 13 and older are invited to join DE 4-H State Teen Council members as they lead workshops on leadership, teambuilding, STEM, Healthy Living and Community Service. UD Collegiate 4-H will also be leading a panel discussion. Regsiter by January 22, 2021

Theme: 4-H Heroes: Masking up for 4-H (Superhero Theme)

Event Date: February 13, 2021

Time: 10am-Noon and 1pm-2:30pm (All day event)

National 4-H Conference

The National 4-H Conference is the annual premiere national civic engagement opportunity for 4-H members (15-19 years old) across the country.  Conference is a hands-on, working conference in which delegates participate in a variety of programs and activities.  Participants have the opportunity to practice and apply in a real world setting their newly-developed and refined skills.

Delaware 4-H’ers in good standing, currently in their sophomore or junior year of high school, are encouraged to apply.


The National Youth Summit Series brings together some of the best and brightest students to focus on STEM, agriscience, healthy living, and photography. Designed for high school students (grades 9 – 12), the Summits provide opportunities to learn technical skills, participate in hands-on activities, workshops, and engage with nationally-recognized leaders.

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The Delaware 4-H State Teen Council is led by three officers and three county representatives who serve as ambassadors for 4-H Youth Development and Delaware Cooperative Extension.

Each year, these young men and women spend countless hours planning philanthropic and other meaningful public service activities that have a direct impact on the lives of all Delawareans.

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Health and Wellness Ambassadors

Delaware 4-H Health & Wellness Ambassadors are official representatives and promoters of holistic healthy living, including fitness, nutrition, mindfulness and substance use prevention. Come on board with us to share your passion for health and wellness and gain valuable community outreach experience.


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Purpose of the National 4-H Dairy Conference is to help selected 4-H youth:

  • increase their understanding of the dairy industry;
  • learn about additional vocational and professional opportunities in the dairy industry;
  • practice good citizenship, group participation and leadership responsibilities; and
  • develop additional individual initiative and competence in areas of special interest and aptitude in the dairy field and related areas.

National 4-H Shooting Sports Ambassador Program is designed to promote 4-H and 4-H Shooting Sports. Youth selected to serve as Ambassadors will receive training that will allow them to return to their homes and advocate for the program at the county, regional, and state level. Some Ambassadors may be asked to support national events as well. Ambassadors provide public relations support at special events such as donor/sponsor functions and also serve as spokespersons for the 4-H Shooting Sports Program, helping to make 4-H and the 4-H Shooting Sports Programs more visible.  The Ambassador’s further develop their skills in leadership, public presentation, citizenship, community service, public relations and team building.

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CWF Program Goals and Objectives

  • Learn the meaning and importance of the Democratic process
  • Explore the history of the Presidency, the election process, and the role of the press
  • Discover the intricacies of the Executive Branch and careers in politics
  • Practice your role in citizenship through service, civic education, and engagement

Grow True Leaders Resources

Easy to use tools and tips for bringing the campaign to life in your community.
Download the 2019 4‑H True Leaders in Service Infographic to see the participation and impact of the 2019 True Leaders in Service projects.