Our programs cover a wide range of scientific disciplines that support the safe and economical production of domestic livestock animals and quality foods, as well as the care, health, and use of companion animals. In the field of animal science, disciplines include virology, physiology, nutrition, microbiology, immunology, molecular biology, engineering, biochemistry, genomics and animal management. In food science, we cover the disciplines of food safety (microbiology), chemistry and engineering, as well as the culinary aspects of food.

Our research addresses contemporary and future scientific challenges using cutting-edge technologies. Our goal is to assist and support stakeholders in the poultry, livestock and food industries.

Where high quality programs intersect with a dynamic living/learning laboratory — a 350-acre working farm!

Where high quality programs intersect with a dynamic living/learning laboratory — a 350-acre working farm!

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Certificate Program 

Equine Therapeutics

Equine therapy is a treatment that includes equine activities and/or an equine environment in order to promote physical, occupational, and emotional growth in persons suffering from many different health problems. The University of Delaware is proud to offer a Certificate Program in Equine Therapeutics. 

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Minor in equine science: youtube.com/watch?v=KB8VA_SufyM

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Faculty Spotlight

Amy Biddle Assistant Professor of Animal Science

Dr. Biddle is investigating the fundamental questions behind the role of bacteria in the horse gut with regard to health and disease.

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