Our programs cover a wide range of scientific disciplines that support the safe and economical production of domestic livestock animals and quality foods, as well as the care, health, and use of companion animals. In the field of animal science, disciplines include virology, physiology, nutrition, microbiology, immunology, molecular biology, engineering, biochemistry, genomics and animal management. In food science, we cover the disciplines of food safety (microbiology), chemistry and engineering, as well as the culinary aspects of food.

Our research addresses contemporary and future scientific challenges using cutting-edge technologies. Our goal is to assist and support stakeholders in the poultry, livestock and food industries.

Where high quality programs intersect with a dynamic living/learning laboratory — a 350-acre working farm!

Where high quality programs intersect with a dynamic living/learning laboratory — a 350-acre working farm!

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Minor in equine science: youtube.com/watch?v=KB8VA_SufyM

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Limin Kung Animal Science

Dr. Kung calls ruminants (like cows, sheep and deer) "metabolic marvels" because of incredible interactions with microbes in their guts.

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  • UD alumna Catherine Connelly is a principal scientist at HP Hood, a company which focuses on making dairy products.

    Alumna and food scientist Catherine Connelly brings food trends to life

    January 14, 2021 | Written by Dante LaPenta
    University of Delaware alumna Catherine Connelly stumbled into food science by chance. As a high school student, she was attending a career fair on industries where women were underrepresented when she discovered the discipline, which involves the study of the physical, biological and chemical makeup of food.
  • In Memoriam: Paul 'Dr. Samm" Sammelwitz

    January 05, 2021 | Written by Dante LaPenta
    Paul Sammelwitz, professor emeritus of animal and food sciences at the University of Delaware, passed away peacefully on New Year’s Day. He was 87.
  • COVID Canines

    December 02, 2020 | Written by Lauren Bradford
    Working dogs are trained to perform a wide array of tasks and skills. Now, with the help of TADD — the Training Aid Delivery Device — they’re sniffing out coronavirus.

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