Undergraduate Programs

Our undergraduate programs

The Department of Animal and Food Sciences is committed to educating and providing service and leadership to stakeholders regarding animals used in food and fiber production, companion and recreational animals, and the safe and sustainable production and processing of food. We offer undergraduate B.S. degrees in Pre-Veterinary Medicine, Animal Bioscience, Animal Science, and Food Science. For the Animal Science degree, students can choose interest areas of Advanced Animal Health, Advanced Animal Physiology and Nutrition, or Protecting the Food Supply. The Food Science degree has three concentrations that include Food Science, Food Operations and Management, and Culinary Science allowing for more customized educational experiences. We offer a minor in Equine Science and students can minor (or double major) in other subject areas (e.g., biology, chemistry, business, language, etc.). Students also may apply for an honors degree program and have options to conduct research with faculty or graduate with a degree with distinction by completing a senior thesis.

Animal and Food Sciences majors

Other programs

Minors in Animal Science, Food Science and Equine Science are also offered.