Pre-Veterinary Medicine major

Why major in Pre-Veterinary Medicine?

If you want to contribute to a greater understanding of the complex relationship between the health of domestic animals, wild animals, humans and our shared environment, you have found the right place! Be part of solving one of humanity’s most critical grand challenges – the global demand for food and fiber. Feeding the population, which is expected to grow by 2.3 billion by 2050, will require raising overall food production by 70 percent. Veterinarians are needed to respond to diseases that can be transferred to humans because it is estimated that 75 percent of new emerging diseases are zoonotic. You will help care for the 100 million companion animals that are members of our families and help solve problems related to the 10 million cats and dogs that enter shelters each year. Graduates of the pre-veterinary major recognize that healthy productive livestock and pets lead to healthy people.

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Uniqueness of our program

Our students are highly competitive for positions in graduate programs and for admission to veterinary schools. Approximately 80 percent of UD applicants are admitted to vet school — twice the national average (40 percent). Beginning in your first semester, you will work with horses, cows, sheep and yes, blue hens, on our 350-acre farm, which is located right on campus. You will have the opportunity to participate in undergraduate research and work closely with faculty scholars to solve problems in animal nutrition, immunology, virology, and molecular biology. You can even raise and train a service dog in your residence hall! Through the college’s study abroad programs, you will have the opportunity to study cattle, sheep and horses in New Zealand and conservation biology of non-domesticated animals in Tanzania.

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