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Pre-Veterinary Medicine

Major in pre-veterinary medicine at University of Delaware:

Healthy, productive livestock and pets lead to healthy people


With a veterinary school acceptance rate of 89 percent (versus 40 percent nationally), the University of Delaware's B.S. in Pre-Veterinary Medicine prepares students for the competitive vet school application process and success in those doctorate programs. From the very first course of your freshmen year, you'll be hands-on, working with sheep, cows, horses and other domestic animals. You will help care for the 100 million companion animals that are members of our families and help solve the problems related to the 10 million cats and dogs that enter shelters each year. Graduates recognize that healthy, productive livestock and pets lead to healthy people. Specialty courses include clinical skills and career exploration to advance your veterinary resume. 



  • Animals, Science and Society
  • Animal Behavior
  • Anatomy
  • Animal and Plant Genetics
  • Comparative Physiology
  • Animal Diseases
  • Animal Science Capstone


  • Veterinarian
  • Professor
  • Research Program Leader
  • Laboratory Manager
  • Animal Nutrition Consultant
  • USDA Program Manager
  • Public Health Specialist


  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Human Medicine
  • Public Health
  • Animal Nutrition
  • Animal Genetics and Breeding
  • Avian Health
  • Animal Microbiology and Virology

What’s special about this program?

Competition for veterinary school admission is fierce. UD students are overwhelmingly successful not only being accepted, but also thrive in those programs. UD’s thorough preparation ensures it. Your hands-on experiences happen right on main campus, with 350 acres of animal facilities, research labs and so much more to explore. UD is also known for widely available and varied undergraduate research opportunities, some as early as your freshman or sophomore year. Work closely with professors to solve problems in animal nutrition, immunology, virology and molecular biology. Finally, through the college’s study-abroad programs, immerse yourself in sustainable agriculture in New Zealand and wildlife conservation in Tanzania.

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Ag Ambassadors

Agricultural College Council (AgCC)

Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity (AGR)

Alpha Zeta (AZ)

American Society of Landscape Architects Student Chapter

Animal Science Club

Beekeeping Club

Blue Hen Birding

Collegiate 4-H

Collegiate FFA

Entomology Club

Equestrian Team

Food Marketing Club

Food Recovery Network

Food Science Club

Horticulture Club

Hydroponics Club

Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources and Related Sciences (MANNRS)

Pre-Veterinary Club

Philadelphia Flower Show Club

Sigma Alpha Sorority (SA)

Students for the Environment

The Wildlife Society

Sample curriculum


Animals, Science and Society



Animal Science Lab



Functional Anatomy



Freshman Year Experience



Seminar in Composition





CHEM103 or 107/104 or 108

General Chemistry


BISC207 and 208

Introduction to Biology



University and College Breadth Courses


ANFS100 or 102

Animals and Human Culture or Food for Thought



Introduction to Physiology



Animal Nutrition



Career Development



One Health



Basic Statistical Practice


CHEM321 and 322

Organic Chemistry



University and College Breadth Courses



Animal Diseases



Animal Behavior



Animal and Plant Genetics and Lab



Veterinary Biochemistry


CHEM214 or 527



PHYS200 and 202

Introductory Physics






ANFS Elective Course



University and College Breadth Courses


*Animal Science Capstone Course


ANFS Elective Course (1)


**Second Writing Course

Students can take any course designated as a writing course in the courses search website, or one of the courses listed below:
ANFS449 – Food Biotechnology
ANFS450 – Applied Biomedical Communication
ANFS451 – Emergency Animal Management


University and College Breadth Courses


*ANFS Capstone/Production Course options:

- ANFS404 - Dairy Production
- ANFS411 - Food Science Capstone
- ANFS417 - Beef Cattle and Sheep Production
- ANFS418 - Swine Production
- ANFS421/422 - Poultry Production/Lab
- ANFS426 - Equine Management


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