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The Innovation Gateway connects startups, small businesses and corporations to University of Delaware’s world-class talent, award-winning programming and exceptional facilities. 

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Michele Lobo’s lab where she and Martha Hall help design functional clothing for children to help with mobilization and movement functionality, May 10th, 2018.

Creative problem-solving.

Engage diverse, interdisciplinary teams of UD students and faculty in developing novel solutions to business problems.

Thomas Epps - Safety and Stability of Solid State Lithium Batteries

Collaborative research. 

Partner with UD, a research university in the top 3% in the U.S. We have experience developing sponsored research agreements to address complex, industry-specific technical issues and to explore new opportunities.

Willett Kempton, a Professor in the School of Marine Science and Policy; Rodney McGee, a limited term researcher in Electrical Engineering; and Sara Parkison, a graduate student in the College of Earth; Ocean; and Environment. are UD’s principal V2G (Vehicle to Grid) team and have been working to advance the technology, adoption, and policies of grid-integrated vehicles in Delaware and globally. Recently, the team was able to celebrate Delaware’s legislature sending Senate Bill 12 to the Governor for his signature. The bill “facilitates electric vehicle and grid-integrated electric vehicle interconnection” [].

Licensing UD technologies.

Review UD’s extensive patented technologies in fields ranging from agriculture to engineering, telecommunications to new materials.


Competitor analysis, value proposition design and marketing assistance.

Gain a better understanding of competitive landscapes, define your unique value and devise effective go-to-market strategies, improving the odds of new venture success.

Prototyping and new product development.

Translate novel ideas into prototypes suitable for gathering customer feedback and assessing the viability of new product offerings.

Training and business advisory services. 

Connect with experts and programs to help your business formulate and execute strategies to grow and succeed.


Accessing research facilities and co-locating with UD  

Learn about UD’s state-of-the-art core research facilities and explore opportunities for co-location.

Career Service's Career Fair - Multipurpose Room

Recruitment and development of innovative human capital. 

Find and develop creative, innovative and entrepreneurial talent through our programs and services.

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