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University of Delaware experts are renowned for their expertise, research and diverse opinions. These valued members of the UD community offer insights into breaking news and developing events and are available for media interviews.

Highly Cited Researchers

These influencers have had significant impact on their peers and chosen fields, having published multiple papers ranking in the top 1% by citations over the past decade. They are “1 in 1,000” among researchers, according to Clarivate, the global analytics company that selected the researchers for its list.


Rodrigo Vargas

Environmental change

Research explores factors regulating carbon and water in ecosystems around the world to better understand how they will respond to changing climate and extreme events like major storms or drought. 

Wendy Smith

Business administration

Studies how organizations and their leaders simultaneously explore new possibilities while exploiting existing competencies, and how social enterprises attend to both social missions and financial goals.

Yushan Yan

Renewable energy

Develops renewable energy technologies, including more efficient and cost-effective fuel cells to power zero-emissions cars. Has created materials used in coatings for the space station and aircraft.

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