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The mission of 4-H is to provide meaningful opportunities for youth and adults to work together to create sustainable community change. This is accomplished within three primary content areas, or mission mandates-citizenship, healthy living, and science.

The educational foundation of 4-H lies in these three mission mandates.  4-H projects are learning experiences for 4-H members.  Currently, more than 40 projects are available for our members.

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STEAM Team! (NEW!)

The STEAM Team is Delaware's first collaborative youth group that uses a STEAM approach to explore world! This is a new program brought to you by the University of Delaware Cooperative Extension's 4-H Youth Development Program and created by Twila Parish-Short.

Each STEAM Team program is designed around a 4-H National Challenge. This year's challenge, "The Power Protectors," helps youth explore the exciting world of renewable energies and how innovative technologies can help save our planet!


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Through 4‑H citizenship programs, youth learn about civic affairs, build decision-making skills and develop a sense of understanding and confidence in relating and connecting to other people. These life skills help grow 4‑H youth into true leaders.  4-H empowers young people to be well-informed citizens who are actively engaged in their communities and the world. Projects and events are related to civics, service learning, personal development, and leadership. Students interested in citizenship can also participate in National 4-H Congress and National 4-H Conference.

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Focus areas for 4-H healthy living programs include foods and nutrition, family and consumer sciences, communication and expressive arts, drug awareness, bullying prevention, health and fitness.  Programs are designed to help 4‑H youth learn about living a healthy lifestyle through fun, hands-on activities and projects.  Judging contests in this area include foods and nutrition, photography, textiles and clothing.

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4‑H science programs provide 4‑H youth the opportunity to learn about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) through fun, hands-on activities and projects such as robotics, rocketry, environmental science, agri-science, biotechnology and veterinary science.  The need for science, engineering, and technology education is essential for today’s young people.

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