An extension volunteer discussing forestry with young children.

Sustainable Forestry

More than 1/3 of Delaware is covered with trees. The UD – Renewable Resources Program helps landowners and forest managers who own one tree to 10 acres of woods maintain their trees in good health, plan for future investments, understand the surrounding environment and educate future generations to be aware of our forestlands and all they provide.

Delaware Tree Farm and Delaware Forest Association

Delaware forestland owners have two local opportunities to network and learn from other forestland owners and forest businesses. Interested in becoming part of either organization? Check out:  

Delaware Forest Stewardship Council and Delaware Urban & Community Forestry Council

Expanding good forest management and providing educational opportunities. Delaware Forest Service website:

Invasive and Exotic Species

The Delaware Invasive Species Council hosts events throughout Delaware to help educate and protect Delaware’s ecosystems by preventing the introduction and reducing the impact of non-native invasive species. Visit the ‘Events’ section for registration information or

Outdoor Woodland Classroom

Let’s get our communities outside and experience the natural environment surrounding us! Interested in taking your class through an 18-stop outdoor woodland classroom? Contact Tracy Wootten at . The UD outdoor woodland classroom is located in Sussex County, near Georgetown, but there are others throughout the State.

Pruning, planting and maintaining trees

Ttrees and shrubs can be an overwhelming experience for the plants roots, branches and the operator. The UD-Renewable Resources Program offers classes throughout the year on proper procedures to help homeowners and professionals. Contact your county Extension office for more information.