Agriculture Handbook

Delaware Handbook for Nutrient Management Certification

University of Delaware Cooperative Extension prepared this Handbook for the Delaware Nutrient Management Program. It contains information from a variety of sources that will help you comply with the Delaware Nutrient Management Act (Title 3: Chapter 22 of the Delaware Code). The various sections include information regarding your responsibilities under the Act, recommended practices for the management of nutrients, and State and Federal cost-share programs. This handbook also includes information necessary for developing and reporting your animal waste or nutrient management plans.

The goal of the Nutrient Management Program is to improve water quality in Delaware while maintaining the profitability of agriculture and other businesses involved in land-application of nutrients. This handbook is a tool to help achieve that goal, and to document your efforts. It is a “living document” because the contents will change as the Nutrient Management Program evolves. Additional information will be provided through mailings and handouts at continuing education events.

The success of the Nutrient Management Program depends on people like you. Participation in the program is an important step toward preserving the environment and natural resource of the First State


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Phosphorus Cycle

Manure Storage

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Manure Testing

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