Delaware Climate Change Coordination Initiative (DECCCI)

The Indian River Inlet in southern Delaware with the DECCCI logo.

Increasing information and knowledge about the current status of climate change related efforts within UD Cooperative Extension as connected to the larger University, region, state, counties, municipalities and communities.


The newly established University of Delaware Cooperative Extension’s “Delaware Climate Change Coordination Initiative(DECCCI)” will increase information and knowledge about the current status of climate change related efforts within UD Cooperative Extension and as connected to the larger University, the region, the state and Delaware counties, municipalities and local communities.

Given the complex nature of climate change, clear and timely evidence and information is needed to inform and support UD Extension’s work with constituents and stakeholders in strategic planning and policy decisions that will focus, integrate, align and coordinate climate change response efforts in disaster management, disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation.


Goals, Objectives, Activities and Outputs

The goals of DECCCI are to 1) research and 2) assess, current Cooperative Extension climate change adaptation related activities with respect to linkages and relationships with key Delaware (and other) stakeholders.

The objectives of the initiative are to identify current policies, programs, projects, procedures and practices, note gaps and recommend specific actions necessary for the formulation of comprehensive Cooperative Extension climate change adaptation plans. Key objectives are to:

  • Coordinate climate change research and outreach activities within UD Cooperative Extension
  • Identify existing activities through interviews and meetings with partners across the University, state, and region
  • Identify organizational gaps in the area of climate change policy, programs and projects
  • Prioritize recommendations to build capacity around climate change research and outreach efforts
  • Identify and pursuing funding opportunities


Activities to support the achievement of DECCCI goals and objectives will include:

  • Meet with Extension research and outreach Program Teams and personnel involved in these efforts 
  • Build Connections within the UD Community - Engage with the UD Climate Change Science and Policy Hub 2 
  • Build Connections within the State - Meet with state partners (USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service, Department of Agriculture, Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control, conservation districts, local governments, agricultural industry and conservation organizations, etc.) to determine climate related needs that UD Extension could address through existing or new expertise 
  • Build Connections across the Region - Engage with the USDA Northeast Climate Hub to learn about regional efforts and connect our research and outreach efforts to those occurring across the region 
  • Build Connections at the National Level 
    • Participate in national climate related webinars to learn of others’ efforts and upcoming funding opportunities 
  • Identify and assess funding opportunities related to climate change research and outreach initiatives 
  • Facilitate educational/training activities on research, policies, strategies, programs and projects related to the global (local to international) climate change “ecosystem”.



The systematic review, identification and visualization of climate change information relevant to University of Delaware Cooperative Extension and local, county and state will be transformed into a written report and visual infographics for ease of dissemination and sharing across diverse communities. This form of information communication will support the integration of climate change adaptation evidence, policies and activities into medium- to long-term policies, strategies and planning processes.