Backyard Composting

Backyard composting

By composting leaves (browns) with kitchen scraps (greens), you create a dark, crumbly mixture that can be used to improve the soil and reduce your use of fertilizer and water.


Introduction to composting

How can you get started?

  • You can contribute even without a backyard compost – find local drop-off sites based on which county you reside. 
  • Choosing a composting bin - Cornell Cooperative Extension
  • Geo BinIf you are interested, the Cooperative Extension office offers Geobin Composting Systems for purchase for $20 per bin. Cooperative Extension has resources for residents to learn how to properly compost their yard waste at home. We will also continue to partner with Delaware Solid Waste Authority to help distribute the “Presto Hoop” compost bin, available for $20. Just call your county extension office.
    • New Castle County – (302) 831-2506
    • Kent County – (302) 730-4000
    • Sussex County – (302) 856-7303

Creating and Managing a Compost Pile

Indoor Composting/Vermicomposting

How to know when compost is ready for use?

Additional Resources