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The purpose of this webpage is to provide a series of short videos and other resources that will help increase confidence and competence around choosing a health insurance plan. It has been designed for consumers and small business owners.

To participate in this course, start at the beginning and view the first video. This will introduce you to information that answers the question in the video title. After each video there are additional resources available (in pdf form) that you can download.

Before you start, please take our pre-survey and at the end, please take a final post survey. These surveys help to support our ongoing efforts. All the answers you provide are confidential and there is no way we can link you to the information you provide. 


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Course videos and resources

Confused about health insurance options?


  • Important Words to Know - This list provides key words to know so that you can better navigate the process of making a good health insurance decision.



What should you consider when choosing a health insurance plan?



What are my health insurance plan options?



What are Marketplace plans?



How do I compare plan costs when I’m making a health insurance decision?



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Other helpful resources

This document describes the difference between Flexible Spending Accounts and Health Savings Accounts and how they work.
This document helps you know what to keep and what to throw away and provides strategies for organizing these documents.
Wondering How You Can Save for Health Care Expenses? This short video explains the difference between flexible spending accounts and health savings accounts and how they work.

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