Master Naturalist Program


The Master Naturalist Program is meant to engage individuals as stewards of Delaware's natural ecosystems and resources through science-based education and volunteer service in their communities.

Become a Master Naturalist


Become a certified Delaware Master Naturalist and provide a continuing commitment to nature!  The Delaware Master Naturalist Program is a science-based natural resource training program jointly coordinated by University of Delaware Cooperative Extension and Delaware Nature Society.  The program will provide a foundation for trainees to become naturalists and upon completion of initial training, Master Naturalists will give back to Delaware’s natural world with volunteer services to include education and outreach, service projects, and citizen science. 

The first Delaware Master Naturalist training will take place in the spring of 2020 at Ashland Nature Center, stay tuned for recruitment details!

about the Delaware Master Naturalist Program (PDF)

Delaware is a state of “small wonders” with lots to see, do, learn and enjoy!  Becoming a Certified Delaware Master Naturalist volunteer is an exciting way to explore our beautiful state and to help preserve its environmental wealth.  The idea of a Delaware Master Naturalist Program took shape in Fall of 2018. In Spring of 2019, under the collaborative direction of University of Delaware Cooperative Extension, the Delaware Nature Society and guided by a State Steering Committee, the program’s framework was created. By spring, 2020, the pilot Master Naturalist volunteer training program will be conducted by Delaware Nature Society at the Ashland Nature Center!

Mission: The Delaware Master Naturalist Program trains citizens as ambassadors and stewards of Delaware’s natural resources and ecosystems through science-based education and volunteer opportunities.


  • Promote awareness and appreciation of ecological resources in the State of Delaware

  • Develop a network of trained volunteers to serve as catalysts for local environmental conservation through education, research and stewardship

  • Provide a structured, science-based program to educate and certify citizens who maintain their lifelong learning quests as Delaware Master Naturalists 

  • Engage citizens in environmentally-focused volunteer service within their communities

What is an LOP?


A Local Organizing Partner (LOP) is an environmental organization (nonprofit, government, etc) that agrees to provide volunteer opportunities for Delaware Master Naturalists. The LOP works closely with trained Master Naturalists to coordinate and execute Master Naturalist volunteer projects, recruit volunteers into the program, and work with other organizations to maximize the Delaware Master Naturalist mission. 

There is no cost to register as a LOP. Once accepted to the program, LOPs will receive a Local Organizing Partner Resource Manual.


Program Benefits


There are many benefits to becoming an LOP, including access to trained volunteers that can help accomplish and expand your mission. These volunteers can lead efforts, initiate service projects, gather research data and recruit additional volunteers, all while requiring limited supervision. 

As an LOP, you can...

  • receive support from the statewide program;
  • advertise volunteer opportunities on Delaware Master Naturalist website;
  • reach a wider group of stakeholders through the DMN Network;
  • gain access to volunteer management system to track volunteer hours (easy to use and extract data from); and
  • connect with interested individuals via the State Program Coordinator.

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The following organizations are participating LOPs for the Delaware Master NAturalist Program.

Individual registration opens on February 4th, 2020 at 9:00am!

Individuals must apply through a registered LOP. The list of registered LOPs can be found on the "Participating Organizations (LOPs)" tab on this webpage. The list will be updated as additional LOPs sign on. Each LOP is allowed up to a maximum of 5 applicants per class, so space is limited.

Have questions or concerns? Call Blake Moore at 302-730-4000 or send an email to


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