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Understanding Health Insurance Options


Health Insurance Topics

You and Health Insurance – Making a Smart Choice – Explore the information you need to make the best health insurance decision for you and your family, based on your needs and how much you can afford. A consumer workbook will be presented that will help you feel more confident in making health insurance selections. Length: 1 hour

Smart Choice Health Insurance Basics – This session helps you understand why health insurance is so important to protecting your financial wellbeing and health by exploring important factors to consider when choosing a plan. Length: 1 hour

Smart Use Health Insurance – Smart Actions for Using Your Insurance Wisely – Seven strategies for getting the most out of using your health insurance to keep you healthy and financially well. Length: 1 hour

Smart Use Health Insurance - Understanding Costs and Estimating Expenses – Improve your understanding of health insurance costs and determine how much a plan may cost you each year. Length: 1 hour

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