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UD Envision is a five year continuation of a previously-awarded three year program, funded through the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) focused on generating the next generation of Agricultural Scientists. As minorities are underrepresented in these disciplines and research target areas, this project has been developed to address this disparity. Intensive, hands-on research education and experiential learning projects help to bridge the perceptual change required for students to Envision themselves as Scientists.

With partnering institutions (Lincoln University, Delaware State University, Cheyney University, Wesley College and the University of Maryland-Eastern Shore), 10 to 13 undergraduates per Summer will:

  1. Work with a faculty mentor to develop their own hypothesis-based research project,
  2. Document this project in a laboratory notebook, ePortfolio, and by creating a video summarizing the project,
  3. Present and distribute this video at the Delaware State Fair, (it will also be posted to YouTube)
  4. Make a scientific poster presentation at the Undergraduate Research Symposium in August.

The summer includes training in video equipment, editing, and storytelling, ethics, laboratory, and safety trainings, and participation in camraderie-building activities.

Important Dates: June 6 (June 5 check-in for housing) and will run until the Undergraduate Research Symposium on August 11 (check-out for housing will be August 12).

Applications closed on March 15, 2022. 

Participate in Paid Summer Research at the University of Delaware:

Stipend:                                   $ 4,500 for 10 weeks

Duration:                                 10 weeks ( June 6 – August 11)

Housing:                                  On campus Residence Hall 

Areas of Research Participating Faculty (Summer 2022)
Agricultural Nutrient Management Dr. Shober
Animal Health and Disease Drs. Ladman, Ellis, Parcells
Animal Physiology and Nutrition Dr.s Li, Biddle, Li, Gressley
Entomology  Drs. Delaney, Crossley
Food Microbology and Safety Drs. Chrinside, Kniel, Joerger
Genetics and Genomics Dr. Arsenault
Plant Crop Science Dr. Meng
Plant Molecular Biology Drs. Fuhrmann, Caplan
Plant Pathology Dr.s Koehler, Donofrio
Resource Economics Dr. Heintzelman
Soil Chemistry Dr. Jaisi
Soil Microbiology Dr. Inamdar
Soil Physics  Dr. Jin
Wildlife Ecology Dr. Williams

Over the summer, ten to thirteen students take part in a broad range of research topics, such as Animal Health and Disease, Bioenergy and the Environment, Food Safety and Microbiology, Genetics and Genomics, Physiology, Immunology and Nutrition. During their time with Envision, students will get to experience video documentation, laboratory work, and general hands-on experience as well as many other take-aways from this program. Along with laboratory safety trainings, students also attend ethics training and multi-media trainings to learn how to effectively preform and present their work, especially for the Delaware State Fair and the Undergraduate Research Program.

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