Tara Trammell

Department of Plant and Soil Sciences

Tara Trammell

John Bartram Associate Professor of Urban Forestry

Office location:
161 Townsend Hall
Newark, DE 19716

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  • Postdoc – Biology – University of Utah
  • Ph.D. – Biology – University of Louisville
  • M.S. – Biology – University of Louisville
  • B.A. – Mathematics – Berea College

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In the Trammell lab, we are studying how biophysical and sociological factors affect urban ecosystem structure and function. Specifically, we are investigating how urban forests respond to threats such as pollution and invasive species, and in-turn how urban forests provide ecosystem services to urban residents. Additionally, we are studying ecosystem function in residential lawns where the majority of urban residents interact with their environment. We use a variety of field, lab, and modeling techniques to understand carbon and nitrogen cycling in urban ecosystems.