Graduate Programs

Our department offers the master of science and the doctor of philosophy degrees in plant and soil sciences. Within the Plant and Soil Sciences degree, two focused concentration areas exist:

  1. Plant science, which includes the areas of plant molecular biology, plant breeding, plant pathology, plant tissue culture, landscape design, horticulture, crop science, plant anatomy and plant physiology; and
  2. Soil science, which includes soil chemistry, soil fertility and management, soil physics, soil microbiology and biochemistry, environmental microbiology, soil and water quality, and soil formation and biogeochemistry.

In addition to offering thesis- and dissertation-based degrees at the M.S. and Ph.D. levels, we offer a non-thesis M.S. degree for individuals already in the workforce.

The second graduate program affiliated with this department is Water Science and Policy. This is a collaborative program which stems across four of the university's colleges.