Affiliated Centers and Programs

Dr. Harsh Bais and Charter School of Wilmington Connor Sweeney work together in the plant growth chamber in DBI.  High School student Sweeney will be going to MIT with a double major in the Fall.

Diversifying opportunity

Partnerships through centers and various collaborative programs allow our department to grow and enhance research. Laboratories provide additional opportunity to expand and diversify research mechanisms while also allowing the integration for both undergraduate and graduate students to get involved.

The goals of CENFOODS are to coordinate, integrate and enhance UD’s research, teaching and outreach efforts on the sustainability of food production and surrounding ecosystems.
The Delaware Biotechnology Institute is a magnet for life science research and development. We support multidisciplinary, collaborative academic research at many of Delaware’s research organizations.
DENIN is an interdisciplinary incubator of research, knowledge, and solutions dedicated to safeguarding the environment and addressing environmental issues.
DWRC aims to support research, education, and public outreach programs that focus on water supply, water management, and water quality – issues of considerable importance to Delaware citizens who are concerned about the future of our water resources.
Carvel is the 344-acre campus of the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources and serves as home for Sussex County Delaware Cooperative Extension, the Thurman Adams Agricultural Research Farm, and Lasher Laboratory for poultry diagnostics.
A state of the art plant growth facility at the University of Delaware College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, the Fischer Greenhouse Complex is a professionally-managed suite of growth chambers and glass house facilities serving the research and education community.
This program is designed to assist Delaware's agricultural and horticultural producers improve nutrient use efficiency to increase profitability, while protecting and improving environmental quality.
The mission of the network is to enhance national agricultural security by quickly detecting introduced pests and pathogens. This system links diagnostic laboratories with common strategies and tools, and increases communication among plant pathologists and the public.
The UD Soil Testing Program provides a variety of soil testing and educational support to farmers, homeowners and others engaged in soil management and land use.
UD Botanic Gardens contributes to an understanding of the changing relationships between plants and people through education, extension, research, and community support.
The interdisciplinary program in Water Science and Policy educates students to address the complex challenges that we face today; to develop solutions that are socially acceptable, economically viable, and environmentally sustainable; and to be true stewards of our environment.
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