Mark Parcells

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Department of Animal and Food Sciences

Mark Parcells

Professor of Avian Molecular Virology

Office location:
531 S. College Avenue
052 Townsend Hall
Newark, DE 19716

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  • University of Delaware, Ph.D. (Biological Sciences), 1994
  • University of Delaware, B.A. (Biological Sciences), 1984

Current courses

  • ANFS265 – Perspectives in Careers in Animal and Food Sciences
  • ANFS332 – Introduction to Animal Diseases (on years when Dr. Keeler is not teaching)
  • ANFS 435/635 – Animal Virology
  • ANFS436/636 – Immunology of Domestic Animals (to be taught with Dr. Keeler starting Fall 2017)
  • ANFS671 – Paradigms in Cell Signaling
  • UNIV101 – First Year Experience: Thinking for yourself: Becoming who you will be, intentionally

Basic research

Dr. Parcells studies the function of genes encoded by Marek’s Disease Virus (MDV), a T-lymphoma-inducing herpesvirus of chickens.  The projects in his laboratory range from the functional interactions of viral and cellular proteins as they relate to MDV infection and pathogenesis, the evolution of MDV virulence, to the development and testing of vaccines for Marek’s disease. Dr. Parcells has a strong interest in tumor immunology and tumor virology and vaccine development. Dr. Parcells has a strong interest in tumor immunology and tumor virology and has a current project developing an anti-tumor vaccine for canine hemangiosarcoma.

Industry-supported research

Dr. Parcells works with Poultry and Animal Health Companies to develop and test new vaccines, perform basic mechanism of action studies, and provide expertise in product development and testing.   

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