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Coronavirus on a blue backdrop

As the current coronavirus (COVID-19) situation continues to rapidly evolve our goal, as your local Cooperative Extension service, is to assist you in protecting the health and safety of your families, friends and community.

The State of Delaware is vaccinating
all persons 16+

Find out where you can get vaccinated and answers to frequently asked questions.


Visit the State of Delaware coronavirus website >



Vaccine Q&A

  • The vaccine is the “light at the end of the tunnel” when it comes to the COVID-19 pandemic – the more people we can have vaccinated, the more likely we are to be able to return to a more normal lifestyle.
  • Getting the vaccine is the best thing to help you personally protect yourself from becoming infected with the virus, and from getting severely ill if you are diagnosed with COVID-19
  • If a large number of people get the vaccine, we can see a reopening of the economy, and a return to normal ways of life that we miss and appreciate the most.
  • The current vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna are 94% effective and safe across a wide diversity of racial and ethnic groups)
  • The COVID-19 vaccine is safe and works! 


Check the DE coronavirus
website for more information >


  • Delaware is working to get the COVID-19 vaccine to as many adults as quickly as possible.
  • When you are eligible, the vaccine is free to you.
  • You can also schedule a vaccine appointment at
  • It is important that when you make your appointment, you check you email to confirm and complete the paperwork. Also, be sure that you arrive as scheduled! This is extremely important as it helps Delaware stay on track to vaccinating as many people as possible.
  • More doses are becoming available every day, so make sure you stay on top of the changes as more vaccines become available in Delaware!


Learn more about the Phases of vaccine
administration in Delaware >


  • The vaccine will protect you from becoming infected with the virus, and from getting severely ill if you are diagnosed with COVID-19.  

  • The vaccine is both SAFE and EFFECTIVE!

  • Through rigorous evaluations, the vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna) are 94% effective and safe across a wide diversity of racial and ethnic groups.

  • Even though the vaccine was developed quickly, no corners were cut.

  • The vaccine was strictly monitored by the FDA, and more people than is standard volunteered for trials to speed up the testing process.

  • The CDC still monitors the safety of the COVID-19 vaccine through the use of technology.

  • You can get the vaccine with confidence!


Learn more about vaccine safety >


  • Vaccines are available to Delawareans RIGHT NOW!

  • We must do our job to make sure all at-risk people get the vaccine first as safely and effective, and quick as possible.

  • To know when you can get the vaccine you can 

    • Visit the official State of Delaware Coronavirus website for news as soon as new groups are able to receive the vaccine

    • Follow Delaware Division of Public Health (DPH) on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

    • Watch, listen and read Delaware news reports for frequent updates from the State

    • Pay attention to emails, mail, our website, advertising, and public service announcements

    • Talk to your health care provider or employer


  • The State of Delaware is vaccinating all persons 16+


Browse locations and sign up
for vaccinationS >


  • The vaccine helps your body develop immunity to COVID-19 – but it does not give you the virus.

  • Years of research were laid the groundwork for the advanced science that was used to develop the COVID-19 vaccine.

  • There are currently two vaccines available, Pfizer and Moderna.  These vaccines require two doses to be given 3-4 weeks after the first.  These vaccines have been identified to be 94% effective at preventing the virus.

  • Pfizer and Moderna use something called mRNA to fight the virus.  mRNA vaccines contain material from the virus that causes COVID-19 that gives our cells instructions on how to make a harmless protein, unique to the virus.  

  • Other than minor side effects that typically go away after a day or two, the value of protection among vaccinated individuals and to the public has made vaccines in general one of the top public health measures in history, second only to having clean water supply.

  • Even after receiving the first and second dose of the vaccine, it is important to continue to protect yourself and others.

  • While medical experts feel very confident that the COVID-19 vaccine can protect you from the virus and help get us all back to normal, it will take a large number of people getting the vaccine before our community can relax on following the golden rules that have helped protect Delawareans from getting coronavirus so far.

  • You must continue to:

    • Wear a mask or face covering – properly over your nose and mouth – whenever you are in public.

    • Practice social distancing of at least 6 feet.

    • Wash or sanitize your hands frequently, especially after touching surfaces frequently contacted by others.

    • Stay at home if you feel sick, experience symptoms, or think you have been exposed to COVID-19.


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Our commitment continues in spite of COVID-19

Since 1869, UD Cooperative Extension has brought university knowledge and resources to the people of Delaware — and despite the upset of COVID-19 to our daily lives, this commitment continues. We are, however, adjusting our delivery of programs and services in order to protect the health and safety of our families, friends and community.


In accordance with Governor Carney’s guidance, here’s how we are restricted:

  • Extension office spaces have closed in all three counties.

  • In-person programs and events have been either canceled, postponed or moved online.

  • Extension agents are limiting in-person contact.

  • All soil samples must now be mailed in for testing.


This is how we are adjusting to continue to deliver the quality Extension information you need:

  • Offering COVID-19 resources for you
    Our COVID-19 Resources webpage offers a collection of over 50 resources for you, your family and your business. Topics range from creating your own hand sanitizer and how to properly sanitize your home, to ideas for keeping the kids learning outside of school and managing your business from home.

  • Moving educational programming online
    Whenever possible, Extension programming is being moved online. A full list of upcoming programs and their current status is available on our Extension calendar and is being continually updated. Past programs are now available for streaming on our Extension Online Courses webpage.

  • Continuing plant/insect testing
    If you have plant or insect diagnostic samples please contact the agent covering agriculture or horticulture for your county, listed on this webpage.

  • Soil test submission procedures have changed
    For up to date soil testing information, including how to purchase kits and submit soil samples please visit the Soil Testing Laboratory’s website.

  • Consulting by phone and online
    View the UD Extension staff directory for the contact information of individual educators and staff members who can answer your questions or direct you to the information you need. If they are not currently available by phone, please leave a message and we will be in touch. As agents are able, they will conduct visits on an as-needed basis.

Rain or shine, UD Cooperative Extension is here to serve you!