Human Resources: COVID-19 Policies and Programs

All employees are encouraged to stay up to date with vaccinations and boosters.

How to Submit COVID-19 Vaccine Documentation

Note: This is a student-focused portal that HR is using for employees as well. Please make sure you follow the steps below to upload your vaccine card.

  1. Log into the UD Health Portal.

  2. Click "Enter my COVID-19 Vaccine information."

  3. Click "Upload" to upload a copy of your COVID vaccine card or other official documentation. Please ensure the entire front of your card is included. Your name and date of birth must be visible.

  4. Enter the dates and manufacturer of your COVID vaccines/booster under "COVID-19 vaccine history."

  5. After verifying that all information is correct, click "Done" in the bottom right hand corner. Results are typically processed within 5-7 business days by SHS staff.

Employees must participate in daily health screenings at if they will be on campus.

COVID testing throughout the spring semester:

  • UD Surveillance sites offer asymptomatic COVID PCR testing Mondays through Thursdays at Harker ISE Lab and Pencader Hall. Individuals wishing to participate in testing should register in advance at the following links
  • To provide an additional layer of protection, the University is planning to offer home antigen tests during the spring semester to all UD students, faculty and staff. 




Update: Vacation Leave Accrual Limits Suspension extended through December 31, 2022.

Effective July 1, 2020, the vacation accrual limits outlined in the Vacation Accrual and Use Policy have been temporarily suspended through December 31, 2022. Eligible employees will be permitted to accrue vacation leave in excess of the limits outlined in the policy. Accrual limits will be restored effective January 1, 2023, and any excess vacation leave for current employees will be forfeited at that time. The accrual limits outlined in the Vacation Accrual and Use Policy will still apply for the purposes of vacation payout upon separation from the University (up to 40 days for employees with 21+ years of service).



  • Dependent: an immediate family member (child, spouse or parent) or individual for whom the employee is a primary caregiver.
  • Eligible Employee: any benefitted employee except those covered by the following collective bargaining agreements: AAUP, University of Delaware Chapter; AFSCME, Local 439; AFSCME Local 3472

Standards and Procedures:

Through June 30, 2022, the University may provide up to 22 workdays of paid COVID Leave for eligible employees or care of a dependent who have tested positive for COVID-19 or have been instructed by a healthcare provider or public health professional to quarantine, isolate or monitor their symptoms. An eligible employee who opts to quarantine or isolate absent such instruction must have one or more of the justifiable reasons: (1) exposure to a diagnostic-test confirmed COVID-19 case; (2) experiencing symptoms of the virus and actively seeking a medical diagnosis; or (3) a dependent who is COVID-19 positive or with exposure to a diagnostic-test confirmed COVID-19 case. Eligible employees may be required to provide written documentation from a health care provider and/or a public health professional of the requirement to be absent from work to their immediate supervisor and/or HR Manager/Liaison. COVID Leave must be taken in full day or half-day increments.

Eligible employees may take up to 15 of their 22 COVID Leave days when: (1) they are notified that their dependent will need to quarantine or isolate due to potential exposure to COVID-19; or (2) there is a complete closure (no in-person or remote learning available) of their dependent’s school/care facility/provider in connection with the monitoring or management of COVID-19.  Eligible employees will be required to provide documentation confirming the quarantine/isolation requirement or complete closure of the school/provider/facility to their immediate supervisor and/or HR Manager/Liaison.

If a dependent’s school has transitioned to remote learning in connection with the monitoring or management of COVID-19, employees may take up to 7 of their 22 COVID Leave days to assist with this transition. Eligible employees who request COVID Leave to assist with remote learning must make reasonable efforts to schedule leave so as not to unduly disrupt the operational needs of their unit/department. Eligible employees will be required to provide documentation confirming the remote learning status of their dependent’s school to their immediate supervisor and/or HR Manager/Liaison.

This policy is administered in coordination with the FMLA policy. During periods of FMLA leave due to COVID-19, once COVID leave is exhausted, eligible employees are required to use their accrued eligible sick leave and then accrued vacation time.

Eligible employees should submit COVID leave requests via Time off Requests (TORs) in UD WorkForce using the new COVID leave bank.

This interim policy addresses reductions in force and reductions in hours for eligible employees to mitigate the severe fiscal challenges faced by the University as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. While in effect, this interim policy shall supersede any conflicting or inconsistent provisions of existing University policies, and shall supersede the following policies in their entirety:

  • Non-Exempt Staff Reduction in Force
  • Non-Exempt Employee Termination/Notification
  • Exempt Employee Termination of Employment/Notification


FAQs: Institutional Reduction in Hours Program

Any additional days that were added to your vacation balance during this time will remain. These days can be used just like vacation days, supervisor approval will be required for each day via Vacation Time Off Requests in UD Workforce.

The lump sum payment will be equivalent to the amount an individual's base salary was reduced through March 2021 as a result of the 5% Institutional Reduction in Hours Program.

The lump sum payment will be in the April 15th paycheck.

The lump sum payment will be received in 2021 and taxable this year. Please consider the effect of the lump sum on your withholdings for the year.  The University cannot give tax advice to individuals. Every Employee’s income tax situation is different and unique. Please consult with your tax advisor before making any changes to your federal and/or state income tax withholdings.


The lump sum payment will be the full amount of the salary reduction for the impacted time period through March 31st, no pension or 403B deductions will be made.


FAQs for Voluntary Reduction in Hours

Benefits-eligible employees who are working 100% time are eligible to participate in the program.

Employees who are interested in the program should discuss their intent with their supervisor. If the reduction can be operationally supported, the supervisor will submit the voluntary reduction in hours form to be approved by college/division leadership and the AVP, Strategic Operations in Human Resources.

If an institutional reduction in hours program is implemented after an employee is approved for the voluntary reduction in hours program, the institutional program would apply only if the voluntary reduction is less than the institutional reduction. The institutional reduction would be applied in lieu of (not in addition to) the voluntary reduction. The employee would need to work with their supervisor to make any necessary adjustments to related time off.  For example, if an employee voluntarily reduces, or the department reduces his/her schedule by 10%, and the institution does an employee hours reduction of 5%, the end result would be 10%, not 15% reduction.

Employees interested in participating in the program will work with their supervisor to determine a schedule that can support operational needs.

If hours are reduced to less than 75% time, it will impact the University’s benefits contribution, and the employee contribution will be higher. A benefits-eligible position cannot be reduced to less than 50% time and retain the position’s benefits-eligibility status.


Other Information & Resources

The University of Delaware’s COVID-19 Pandemic Pay Protocol outlines temporary pay policies the University has implemented during these extraordinary times. President Assanis, in consultation with campus leadership, has authorized measures including release with pay in appropriate situations to provide for adequate staffing and retention of employees, and to sustain or restore University operations. This includes allowing salaries of employees who cannot work to continue to be charged to existing funding sources, to the extent these funding sources permits such charging.
Information on how some payments should be processed during the COVID-19 Pandemic Pay Protocol is outlined on the payroll website. The protocols have been updated effective June 1, 2020 and include the following:

  • Payments to misc. wage employees and hourly students not working has stopped and is now limited to working employees paid through soft funding.

Sponsor-Funded Employees

Employing units and Principal Investigators are encouraged to work with the Research Office to determine how sponsored employees will be paid in advance of any University State of Emergency.

The Talent Share Program provides a solution to campus staffing gaps by matching up available employees impacted by a reduction in workload due to COVID-19, with other colleges or departments who have staffing needs. It also provides employees an opportunity to develop skills and experience through exposure to other areas of campus. Supervisors and/or HR Managers will provide the Talent Acquisition Team with details of staffing needs, as well as share employees who have capacity to be part of the program. This is a time when employees can showcase their unmatched ability to come together and help support one another. We encourage employees of diverse experience to participate. Learn more.