Center for Experimental and Applied Economics


Under the direction of Dr. Kent Messer, research conducted in the laboratory explores a wide variety of economic and consumer behaviors and participants receive monetary compensation based on the decisions they make in a variety of different settings. Our major research focuses on land conservation and ecosystem service markets, water quality monitoring, behavioral response to risk, food safety and agricultural policy, and provision of public goods.

Get involved

If you are at the University of Delaware and broadly related in issues related to experimental economics, consider joining the “UD Experimental Economists” email list by clicking here.

If you are interested in volunteering with the Center for Experimental and Applied Economics, you can apply to join the CEAE Talent Pool. To apply, please complete this form and email a copy of your resume to Maddi Valinski at Once you submit the full application (web form and resume), we will bring you in for a meeting to discuss the talent pool and determine if it is a good fit.

We run experiments frequently throughout the course of the year. Please check our recruiting website for opportunities to participate as a research subject.


Find our lab
Townsend Hall

Our lab is located in Townsend Hall, room 025 on South Campus. Enter Townsend Hall and go to the lower level. The lab is in the center of the building, you will see numbered room signs. Turn in the hallway with the elevator and 025 will be straight ahead.

Additional Information

CEAE works with collaborators across the country.
Using the scientific process of laboratory control and replication to study the critical causal relationships of economic behavior and to design improved policy, markets, and products that benefit individuals and society.
Our center is featured in many videos. View these videos using the link to the playlist above.
To reserve space in the Center for Experimental and Applied Economics, please contact Maddi Valinski at