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CEAE works with collaborators across the country.
Using the scientific process of laboratory control and replication to study the critical causal relationships of economic behavior and to design improved policy, markets, and products that benefit individuals and society. To learn more about our research, follow the link above.
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Our Mission

CEAE's mission is to nurture a diverse and inclusive community engaged in innovative, evidence-based research and dissemination of results to inform policy and promote sustainability at the nexus of agriculture and the environment.


Research supported by the Center for Experimental and Applied Economics explores a wide variety of economic and consumer behaviors, and participants receive monetary compensation based on the decisions they make in a variety of different settings. Our major research focuses on land conservation and ecosystem service markets, water quality monitoring, behavioral response to risk, food safety and agricultural policy, and provision of public goods.

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If you are at the University of Delaware and broadly interested in issues related to experimental economics, please email Aisha Emory at

If you are interested in volunteering with the Center for Experimental and Applied Economics, you can apply to join the CEAE Talent Pool. To apply, please complete this form. Once you submit the full application, our team will review it and contact you if any opportunities are available.

CEAE in the news
  • In Georgia auction, farmers place bids to use less water

    September 01, 2023 | Written by Molly Samuel of WABE
    The Center for Applied and Experimental Economics at UD worked with the Water Planning and Policy Center in Georgia to help develop an experimental auction for farmers to bid in. The prize for the winners is a commitment to not water some of their crops – or to water them less – when drought hits.
  • Agricultural policy making

    August 21, 2023 | Written by Katie Peikes
    UD’s Kent Messer and Leah Palm-Forster are co-authors on a paper that analyzed six research projects to argue that involving stakeholders in the process of creating economic experiments can lead to more acceptance of studies’ results.
  • Center for Experimental and Applied Economics embraces new leadership

    July 17, 2023 | Written by Kate Zincone
    Founder of the University of Delaware Center for Experimental and Applied Economics (CEAE) Kent Messer is passing the director’s torch to Leah Palm-Forster. CEAE research explores economic and consumer behaviors with a focus on environmental conservation. The success of CEAE is due in large part thanks to the hard work and dedication of Messer throughout his time as director. As Palm-Forster transitions from associate director to director, she reflects on her time working with Messer, his many contributions, and their hopes for the future of the CEAE.

Project WiCCED (Water in the Changing Coastal Environment of Delaware)

WiCCED is a multi-institution project in partnership with National Science Foundation and the State of Delaware aimed at assessing major threats to Delaware’s water quality, and developing viable technological and policy solutions for meeting the challenges imposed by them.

Watch the Project WiCCED video below to learn more.

Project WiCCED (Water in the Changing Coastal Environment of Delaware):

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