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CEAE works with collaborators across the country.
Using the scientific process of laboratory control and replication to study the critical causal relationships of economic behavior and to design improved policy, markets, and products that benefit individuals and society. To learn more about our research, follow the link above.
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Post Doctoral Researchers

Graduate Students

University of Delaware

  • Michael Arnold, Economics
  • Deborah Delaney, Entomology and Wildlife Conservation
  • Shanshan Ding, Applied Economics & Statistics
  • Janet Johnson, Political Science and International Relations
  • Holly Michael, Geological Sciences
  • Victor Perez, Sociology & Criminal Justice
  • Don Sparks, Plant and Soil Science

Other universities and institutions

  • Titus Awokuse, Michigan State University
  • Allison Borchers, USDA – Economic Research Service
  • Paul Ferraro, Johns Hopkins University
  • Dan Hellerstein, USDA – Economic Research Service
  • Harry Kaiser, Cornell University
  • Lori Lynch, University of Maryland
  • David Owens, Haverford College
  • Elizabeth Peters, Urban Institute
  • William Schulze, Cornell University
  • Jordan Suter, Colorado State University
  • Emi Uchida, University of Rhode Island
  • Sinan Unur, Cornell University
  • Homa Zarghamee, Barnard College