Climate Change

Climate change impacts, mitigation and adaptation

One of the greatest challenges facing agriculture and the environment is climate change. Even without further warming, enhanced variability in climate can reduce the sustainability of food production and ecosystem function.

Our research increasingly contains themes of climate change and variability, but the future will require us to be more intentional with research in mitigation and adaptation solutions for our stakeholders.

Affiliated centers and programs


Advanced Material Characterization Lab

The nature of the facility is to provide opportunities for researchers with in the UD community as well as other Educational Institute and Industry.

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Delaware Environmental Institute

DENIN is an interdisciplinary incubator of research, knowledge, and solutions dedicated to safeguarding the environment and addressing environmental issues.

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Center for Experimental and Applied Economics

Research conducted in the laboratory explores a wide variety of economic and consumer behavior and participants receive monetary compensation based on the decisions they make in a variety of different settings.

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Related graduate programs


  • Hong Li
    Associate Professor of Animal Science

  • Rodrigo Vargas
    Associate Professor of Ecosystem Ecology and Environmental Change