Environmental Education (4+1)

Why our 4+1?

The world needs nature educators and conservationists now more than ever. Specific topic areas include local fauna, climate change, evolution, biodiversity, conservation, and sustainability. You’ll spend time working with environmental education teams to develop teaching modules and support other educational programming. Our nationally recognized faculty give students individual attention, including weekly check-ins with your program directors. Each student is handpicked and paired with various partner institutions like Delaware State Parks, Longwood Gardens and Mt. Cuba Center.


Our program is unique in that it equally combines a background in education and the environment with an emphasis on wild fauna. The students will complete an intense nine-credit hour internship with a partner agency or organization and develop an education program for that partner. Our program is a collaboration between the Department of Entomology & Wildlife Ecology and the School of Education. Unlike other programs that are too science- or education- heavy, our balance is right down the middle; you’ll be advised by faculty from both departments and receive an equal amount of science and education courses to prepare you for environmental education.


The program is designed to prepare students to teach at nature centers, state parks, and other environmental education outlets in the strong job market of the Mid-Atlantic region. Over the past decade, more than 9,800 postings have been listed in this region; the total number of postings has increased 578% since 2010. The average salary of nature educators with master’s degrees is $70,420 in comparison to $57,134, the average salary of nature educators with bachelor’s degrees. Our program content and structure were born from direct discussions with environmental agencies and organizations, therefore our students will be networking and collaborating with possible future employers before they even graduate.

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Insect/Wildlife Ecology and Conservation, Dr. Debbie Delaney

Elementary Teacher Education, Dr. Danielle Ford

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Environmental Education (4+1) | Undergraduate Programs | University of Delaware
Environmental Education (4+1) | Undergraduate Programs | University of Delaware
Environmental Education (4+1) | Undergraduate Programs | University of Delaware
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