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One Health certificate

By understanding the interconnectedness that exists within the living world, we can feed a growing human population while protecting the natural world at the same time. One Health equally considers human, animal and environmental health as an integrated whole. Since its inception as a collaborative effort between human medicine and veterinary medicine, it has become an integral approach to the understanding and mitigation of infectious disease, specifically zoonotic disease. 

Most of the major health challenges facing the world today, including COVID-19 and world food security, are One Health issues. UD is one of only a handful of universities across the world offering a One Health Certificate. 

Earn your certificate and learn how to critically evaluate and sustainably solve the world’s most pressing health issues in a collaborative and multidisciplinary way.

Required courses

Be ready to understand, evaluate, survive and lead during the next global pandemic. Prepare with scientists actively researching aspects of One Health and infectious disease.
Introduction to the concept of One Health: the integration of human, animal and environmental health. Specific focus will be given to bacterial, viral and fungal zoontic and emerging diseases, agriculture, and the use and misuse of antibiotics in animal and human health.
This course covers topics currently relevant to the field of One Health. These topics will change each year, but particularly relevant will be a discussion of the ongoing global pandemic COVID-19, an emerging, viral, zoonotic outbreak as well as disease and environmental challenges in agriculture.

Elective courses (to total 16 cr.):

PLSC 140: People and Plants: Feast or Famine (3 cr.)

ANFS 230: Foodborne Disease: Investigating Outbreaks (3 cr.)

ENWC 201: Wildlife Conservation (3 cr.)

MMSC 270: Medical Microbiology and Infectious Disease (4 cr.)

ANTH 304: Culture, Health, Environment (3 cr.)

ANFS 332: Introduction to Animal Diseases (3 cr.)

ANFS 436: Immunology of Domestic Animals (3 cr.)

MMSC 428: Medical Microbiology (3 cr.)


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