Majors and Minors

Plant and Soil Sciences

Major in Landscape Architecture at the University of Delaware

Landscape architecture is environmental problem-solving. In this interdisciplinary major, University of Delaware students address environmental, natural resource and sustainability challenges at local, regional and global levels. Subject areas include plants and ecosystems; site design and engineering; design, planning and management; public policy; computer applications; natural and cultural systems; sustainability; creative problem solving; art; business, and science.

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Major in Plant Science at the University of Delaware

The plant science major at the University of Delaware applies the principles of agriculture, biology, and chemistry to plant life. Experiential learning is the cornerstone of this major—on our 350-acre outdoor classroom and in state-of-the-art greenhouses, gardens and research laboratories.

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Major in Sustainable Food Systems at the University of Delaware

In UD’s sustainable food systems major, students approach key food system challenges critically and innovatively—from agriculture and production, processing, retail consumption and waste. Learn more about the major. Classroom theory meets practical application in UD’s distinctive 350-acre classroom—a live laboratory with state-of-the-art greenhouses, gardens and research labs.

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Entomology and Wildlife Ecology

Major in Insect Ecology and Conservation at the University of Delaware

Insects are becoming extinct faster than any other group of species. Conserving insects, the foundation of the world’s biodiversity, is the first step towards protecting the planet. The University of Delaware boasts the only insect ecology and conservation undergraduate major in the nation! The University's unique emphasis on ecology and conservation sets the program apart from other traditional, stand-alone programs across the country as students receive a more holistic training in the natural sciences.

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Major in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation at the University of Delaware

If you want to make a change in the world and you love animals, then wildlife ecology and conservation is the perfect place for you. Conserving biodiversity is the underlying theme of the program, with a unique blend of lectures, labs, field trips, and study abroad. The curriculum is carefully designed so that graduates have Associate Wildlife Biologist certification from The Wildlife Society.

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Applied Economics and Statistics

Major in Environmental and Resource Economics at the University of Delaware

UD environmental and resource economics majors apply economic principles to the pressing environmental and natural resource issues facing our society today and in the future. UD students tailor their degree, focusing on the economics of sustainability and policy or natural resource management.

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Major in Food and Agribusiness Marketing and Management at the University of Delaware

The job market is hungry for students well trained in business, but who also understand the unique nature and dynamics of the food and fiber industries. The food and agribusiness marketing and management major focuses on these industries, including food marketing, management and leadership, and entrepreneurship.


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Major in Statistics at the University of Delaware

The University of Delaware will allow you to apply statistical techniques to real data and real problems, making you highly sought after when it’s time to enter the job market. Our students build a “statistical imagination” to address a range of problems in diverse fields. Our courses apply to problem solving in areas like economics, biology, business or the environment. Couple this major with a minor in data analytics or resource economics, and you’ll land an impactful, high-paying job upon graduation!

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Animal and Food Science

Major in Animal Biosciences at the University of Delaware

Animal bioscientists are needed to answer questions related to how animals and animal systems function. UD's curriculum includes prerequisite courses suggested for admission to graduate programs in animal science and biology (calculus, chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry, and microbiology).  

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Major in Animal Science at the University of Delaware

UD students become knowledgeable in animal nutrition, health, behavior, reproduction, physiology, genetics and animal management. The combination of science courses and hands-on experience with animals makes our program truly distinctive. Students play an important role in the conservation of non-domesticated animals housed in zoos, aquariums and sanctuaries.

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Major in Food Science at the University of Delaware

Be part of solving one of humanity’s most critical and demanding challenges—the global demand for food. Using lessons from chemistry, biology and microbiology, UD students learn to create new food products and bring them to market with creativity, critical thinking and innovation.

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Major in Pre-Veterinary Medicine at the University of Delaware

Beginning in their first semester, UD students work with horses, cows, sheep and yes, blue hens, on our 350-acre farm, which is located right on campus. Students have the opportunity to participate in undergraduate research and work closely with faculty scholars to solve problems in animal nutrition, immunology, virology, and molecular biology.

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