ExpertConnect: Guiding, Leading, Advancing

ExpertConnect helps early stage founders avoid industry pitfalls, common mistakes, and decrease time to market by partnering University of Delaware affiliated startups with seasoned professionals representing all fields and industries for advice and counsel in their area of expertise.

These 1:1 meetings focus on the specific needs of the startup that are critical to the growth and development of entrepreneurs and their ventures in our ecosystem.


Meet the ExpertConnect Mentors


Meet the ExpertConnect Mentors

ExpertConnect Answers Your "How do I..." Questions

ExpertConnect is need-centric, on-demand and private. Founders can seek individualized guidance in a variety of areas, industries and topics. Sample questions asked of industry experts include the following:

How do I...

  • Find experts in a niche market or industry segment?

  • Breakthrough to potential customers?

  • Recruit, hire, and support a team?

  • Incorporate a business or file a patent?

  • Get a business license, collect sales tax, and set up quickbooks?

  • Develop marketing materials?

  • Raise money for my startup?

  • Convey my innovation in a clear and compelling manner?

  • Develop a viable business model?

  • Differentiate from the competition?

  • Avoid mistakes others have made?

Expert Connect operates via an on-demand structure with individual meetings lasting approximately 30 minutes.  There is no minimum or maximum usage guidelines beyond the availability of the expert.

Founders log into the ExpertConnect system to research and request meetings with experts based upon mentee needs and goals. The ExpertConnect team will review each request for relevant alignment and then handle meeting coordination for ease of scheduling and information.

Search, select, and request - it's that easy.


Startups with Univeristy of Delaware affiliated enterpeneurs or leaders are eligible for ExpertConnect. Individuals and teams must have a willingness to be mentored.

ExpertConnect Mentors

There are many reasons to mentor - from the satisfaction of helping others to the knowledge of cutting edge innovations and leading technologies. We are looking for experienced CEOs, founders and leaders who can advise and coach through constructive critiquing and are role models for mentees. Mentors must abide by Guiding Principles and commit to 1 - 3 hours per month.


Become an ExpertConnect Mentor

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