EntreX Lab


EntreX Lab

Horn Entrepreneurship’s proprietary and customizable curriculum enables educators to easily convert their classrooms into real world entrepreneurship labs and offer their students the lowest possible college credit tuition costs. This curriculum has been conceived to provide maximum flexibility and enrich existing entrepreneurship, STEM, business and/or social science course offerings.

Students develop the key skills of idea generation, creative problem solving, leadership, evidence-based decision making, resilience, teamwork and persuasive communication. These skills last a lifetime and develop competitive advantages and self-confidence rarely found in other programs.


Save money on tuition

Students save money on tuition costs and earn transferrable University of Delaware credits at a highly reduced rate.

College readiness

Students showcase their ability to handle university-level coursework.


Career readiness

Students signal to potential internship and full-time employers that they are experienced in innovation and value creation.


Dual Enrollment Courses

The transferable 3-credit  course ENTR167: Entrepreneurial Experience, draws content from the following main topic areas:

From Ideas to Action

Students learn how to generate new ideas and put them into action, developing skills pertaining to creativity, design thinking, user experience and persuasive communication.


Venturing for Good

Students learn about the key concepts and unique challenges associated with developing sustainable solutions to important societal and environmental problems, enhancing their analytical reasoning, complex problem-solving skills, and cross-cultural understanding.

Startup of the Professional You

Students learn to view their career from an entrepreneurial perspective, developing valuable skills including personal branding, authentic networking, leadership and social influence.


For students who successfully completed the course and would like to receive a transcript, please do one of the following:

Unofficial Transcript

To acquire an unofficial transcript, you will need the UD ID and PIN you created when registering for the course.

Visit this web page and follow the steps provided under the section titled "Access Your Unofficial Transcript".

Official Transcript

To access your official transcript, visit this web page and follow the steps provided.