Pitch Party

Pitching For Beginners

Horn Entrepreneurship and E-club host a Pitch Party each semester in the Venture Development Center featuring startup funding and prizes. The Pitch Party is designed for those new to pitching an idea, with students sharing startup concepts to an audience of their peers and a panel of judges composed of recent entrepreneurial alumni.


Students have 90 seconds to pitch an idea for a new business, innovation or invention in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Judges provide feedback to help them further their ideas. Pitches may be formal, informal, creative, comedic as long as the idea is clear. Props and prototypes are permitted.

Fall Pitch Party

3rd Place: SafeSip by Mackenzie Frank

2nd Place: Arima Skincare by Arielle Mahugu

1st Place: Maker Pants by Jenna Tomasch

Spring Pitch Party

3rd Place: Drink Snack Cup by Luke Rautzhan

2nd Place: Gaban by Giovanni Lopez

1st Place: The Barrel Mobile Bar by Drew Jordan

Spring Pitch Party

3rd Place: Commit by Hunter Wills and Emily Paget 

2nd Place: BINDHI’S by Aliza Aldujee

1st Place: CompSciLib by Genpei Ye and David Bichara


Fall Pitch Party

3rd Place: OBEnaturelle by Lauren Roberts

2nd Place: Real Time Piece by Matthew Bilia

1st Place: Soil Probe by Vienna Locona

Spring Pitch Party


Beginner Track

3rd Place: Soceaze by Derek Mihalecsko

2nd Place: BlueHen Chat by Giordana Daniels, Caitlin Iannetta, and Hussein Bazzi

1st Place: Fresh 'n Fold by Catherine Johnson

Advanced Track

3rd Place: Dear Volunteer by Isabella Duarte

2nd Place: Pick-Up Sports by Michael Meola

1st Place: Stemmer by Samuel Goetz and Julian Wahl


Fall Pitch Party


Beginner Track

3rd Place: Wardrobe Icon by Gerald Berman

2nd Place: ReTeen by Bridget Bergan and Nathaniel George

1st Place: ShareWallet by Jason Bangser

Advanced Track

3rd Place: Common Grounds by Lynn Roberts

2nd Place: Special Space by Domenic Massimo

1st Place: StatusQ by Mo Mahmood

Fall Pitch Party


Beginnner Track

3rd Place: Got Hens by Alexander Pugliese

2nd Place: Dear Volunteer by Isabella Duarte

1st Place: Stemmer by Sam Goetz and Julian Wahl

Advanced Track

3rd Place: OnoBowls Food Truck by Benjamin Quinutolu

2nd Place: Up Cycle Design by Sierra RyanWallick and Michelle Yatvitski

1st Place: Doobie Ridez LLC by Jack Dubecq and Peter Coker

Read About Our Past Pitch Parties!

  • Room photo of 2023 fall pitch party

    2024 Spring Pitch Party

    April 02, 2024 | Written by Ryan Sigmund
    Hosted by the Entrepreneurship Club and Horn Entrepreneurship, the spring Pitch Party is more than just a pitch competition – it's a vibrant celebration of innovation, creativity, and community.
  • Arima Skincare: Accessible and Natural Skincare For All

    February 05, 2024 | Written by Natalie Kessler
    Embarking on the quest for a new natural skincare brand can indeed be a daunting task, as the array of options can be overwhelming. The challenge often lies in deciphering the lengthy list of ingredients on the back of product labels, with some names sounding like a foreign language. Finding a natural skincare brand can often be challenging, but look no further. Arima Skincare, created by Arielle Mahugu, is a natural skincare brand that won second place in the Pitch Party last fall. Arielle is a freshman medical diagnostics pre-med student who has a passion for skincare since discovering the harmful chemicals that many brands include in their products.
  • Making Your Next Sip Safer: Mackenzie Frank’s SafeSip

    January 08, 2024 | Written by Yashlee Francois
    Heading down Main Street on a Saturday night with your best friends determined to have a fun time at the bar is a common story for many students here at the University of Delaware and universities in general. Most students know the danger associated with drinking recklessly and take precautions to be responsible drinkers, however, there is one scenario that can get the better of even the most vigilant people. Someone slipping “something” into their drink. An unfortunate situation that has been victimizing innocent drinkers all around the world.


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The Pitch Party is ideal for beginners and newcomers—all you need is an idea! If you've ever had a problem or frustration, pitch party is a great place to debut your innovative way to solve it.

- Dan Lee Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship

Commonly Asked Questions

All undergraduate students from any major and college are welcome to pitch.

All students, faculty, and staff are welcome to watch as UD students pitch innovative ideas. Advanced registration is required.

Three winners will share the prize pool of $500 in cash funding - $300 for first place, $200 for second and $100 for third.